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Skirting the Issue

Skirted work benches and galvanized counters in my Potting Shed.
I was on the hunt for something to cover my work surface/countertops, along with fabric to skirt my work benches to conceal the storage area underneath.
My work areas are approximately 4 feet x 2 feet.
I wanted a work surface that would be functional, easy to clean, economical, and not look too finished.
I found a sheet metal shop that does HVAC duct work to cover my plywood counters with galvanized sheet metal and attach a back splash.
The total for two four-foot, medium gauge galvanized counters with back splash, and soldered edges was $75 and ready in a day.
We used construction adhesive to secure the counter tops in place.
I found cafe curtains from Country Curtains with a print complete with the flowering charm of a cottage garden. The curtains were the ideal length and width for skirting my work benches. Lucky for me, since I would rather plant or pot, than sew :)
More photos at the link below!

To see more: https://homeiswheretheboatis.net/2012/09/26/skirting-the-issue/

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