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Evolving Exterior

We bought this small house in McKinney, Texas with the idea of fixing it up and turning it into a family home. The project has been more challenging and more rewarding than we ever could have imagined.
The Summer after we bought, we tore off all of the damaged vinyl siding to find cypress in fairly good condition. We chose a fun paint color to bring it to life.
In the Fall of 2014, we delved into an extensive restoration/addition project that added a master suite and a new kitchen while gutting and restoring much of the old house.
As with all old houses, there is still more to come, but we're loving the process. Thanks for looking and feel free to stop by our blog!
Time: 8 Months Difficulty: Advanced
Our house in 2005- Yikes!
Our house when we bought it in 2012. Had cheap, damaged vinyl siding.
Our house now (in progress), with restored cypress siding and porches.
Great new porch and addition adds extra living space.
With reclaimed barn metal skirting. We've closed in the stairs but I don't have an updated photo yet!

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