Cork Flooring Transformation

Each summer, I like to do a different home improvement project. This summer was no different. I decided to do a cork flooring bedroom project. I decided to removed the carpet in the smallest room in our house. It’s our daughter’s room.
Benefits of doing cork flooring in the bedroom (the reasons why we went with cork):
Softer on the feet than hardwood.
If you get the floating floor interlocking boards, you can easily install it.
Floating floor can easily be removed in the future if a new buyer wants carpeting.
Don’t have to worry too much if the wall is not straight.
Here is the before picture of the room.
As you can see, the carpet was getting shabby as it should be, since it was 20 years old.
My son and I cleared out the room and started removing the carpet. Cut and rolled up the carpet in three feet strips and taped it together with duck tape worked great and was easy to carry.
Then, we moved on to cleaning the floor and inspecting it. Was it level? Where there areas of the baseboard we needed to repair? Was the plywood loose? Did it need more screws?
We used this underlayment from Lumber Liquidators. It is supposed to reduce noise. You see, our daughter is a dancer, and she dances in her room. With the carpet, it sounded like an earthquake was happening right above our heads in the kitchen. And, after we did this project, we asked her to dance around while we were cooking dinner and we heard very little. We are really pleased.
This is what the underlayment looked like. It was easy to use and we were able to go around door opens easily.
After we picked up the flooring, we had to wait three days for the wood to acclimate to the room. This helps with reducing expansion of the wood. At this point, we decided to paint the walls to a grey taupe color. It looks really nice with the flooring.
Here is a picture of the flooring before the quarter round was installed and painted.
Drum roll please! Here is the file product. After 2 weeks of work, we were able to finish the project.
My daughter and I used removable stickers to make a headboard for her bed and to decorate her desk area for now. Please share if you liked it.
Visit the website blog below and see the video transformation! It's at the bottom of the post.

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  • D
    on Jun 22, 2017

    what is the care of a cork floor
  • Barbara Jacquemotte
    Barbara Jacquemotte
    on Jul 5, 2017

    How is cork flooring with pet accidents, cat and dogs?
    • Do not do cork flooring if you have a medium to large dog that runs in the house. We put cork flooring in 10+ years ago (pre-dog) and absolutely love it. Then came the dog ... as a puppy fine. Ours had 3-4 coats of water based poly over the cork so spills and accidents easy to clean up. But once he grew to a 60+ pound dog he has ruined it just by running in the house. Divot, scratches, shallow and deep all over. About 3 years with the dog, I spent a month refinishing the floor. Sanding old finish, filling in holes and deep scratches - Using layer after layer of poly and wine bottle cork shavings. Followed that up with 4 layers of poly. Letting each coat dry for al least double the time indicated. Then after all I let the final coat dry for 2 weeks, we opened the floor to traffic. Within a week it was a wreck again.
  • Cheryl Schneider Ross
    Cheryl Schneider Ross
    on Nov 9, 2018

    How hard was it to cut sections of the cork to make it fit properly? Did you need any special tools?

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  • Ramona V
    Ramona V
    on Jul 14, 2016

    Just a heads up I put this in 5 years ago with a rug in place and the floor faded very common they tell me the room faces west and is not very bright

    • Sabrina's Organizing
      Sabrina's Organizing
      on Jul 14, 2016

      Good to know. Thanks for sharing. I haven't noticed anything yet, but the room is a north facing room and the blinds are closed most of the time.

  • Tess
    on Oct 20, 2019

    Great work and looks beautiful 👌

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