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Can you redo tile backsplash without removing the tile.
Kim Rose Kim Rose Answered on May 23, 2023

We recently bought an older home and I want to change my counter tops and backsplash in my kitchen. My husband doesn't know how to remove tile backsplash and also doe... See more

How do I remove epoxy from countertop without ruining paint?
Melissa Melissa Answered on May 22, 2023

I recently painted my countertop using the giani paint kit and it came out great. I wanted a marble look so I went for an epoxy top coat for more shine (envirotex lit... See more

Countertop Redo Products: Rustoleum vs. Giani
Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle Answered on May 22, 2023

We have redone our kitchen and bathroom cabinets with a Rustoleum Kit and love them. Now we want to tackle the countertops. I'm looking for reviews from anyone who h... See more

How high do I go with bead board in small bathroom?
Pam Breiding Vennema Pam Breiding Vennema Answered on Sep 12, 2023

Painting lower vanity gray and upper mirrored cabinet white, while changing counter top to laminate (design in picture). Replacing the tile looked wall board with bea... See more

Should I re-stain or paint my cabinets?
Olga Hixson Olga Hixson Answered on Jul 30, 2023

Edit:””” 3 years later😂 I decided to paint them white and I am so very pleased with the results!We bought a new house with these ugly cabinets. I really cann... See more

Does Anyone Know of a Faux Glaze for Kitchen Cabinets?
Marcia DiMiceli Marcia DiMiceli Answered on Sep 10, 2017

I saw these cabinets on Pinterest which were done by an interior design company. Their description said a faux finish was applied. I was just wondering if anyone had ... See more

Question: RE: Gel Stain for Vinyl-wrapped Cabinet
DeAnn DeAnn Answered on May 30, 2022

I have vinyl-wrapped wood grain kitchen cabinets that need a refresh. Would you happen to know if I can use Renaissance Brand 'Retique It' water-based gel stain on th... See more

Best upgrade for Maple kitchen cabinets?
J Coleman J Coleman Answered on Aug 09, 2021

What is the easiest, and prettiest, way to upgrade my Maple kitchen cabinets (white wash, paint, chalk paint/wax)? I don’t want to stain them, as the stain would ma... See more

What's the best way to seal a wood backsplash?
Jessica McCarthy Jessica McCarthy Answered on Jul 22, 2018

We recently added a butcher block counter top and sink, and we're going to add a wood chevron style backsplash. I'm wondering what the best way to seal it is. Thanks!

Push to open cabinets and drawers conversion
Know Know Answered on Oct 12, 2017

We just had a kitchen installed with soft close cabinets and drawers, and I realize I love the clean look of the cabinets without fixtures my drawer pools and knobs.... See more

I need some sort of wall behind my kitchen sink to deal with splashes
Jennifer Jennifer Answered on Nov 18, 2023

I have no "wall" directly behind my kitchen sink. As a result, when the water is running and I've got the sponge or some other item in my hand directly under the runn... See more

Resurfacing a porcelain sink
Jan D'Agostino Jan D'Agostino Answered on Mar 01, 2016

My kitchen sink needs resurfacing, it's too large to replace because there's tile around it And I'd like it a different color.

Venting a stove on an interior wall...
Lori J Lori J Answered on Aug 25, 2015

We are relocating our kitchen and the stove will not be positioned on an outside wall. We have a plan to vent and I am wondering if it is feasible. The wall backs to ... See more

What is the difference between formica and laminate counter tops? Which is better and can they both be painted to look
Terri J Terri J Answered on Dec 09, 2012

like granite, etc. I have formica, and am putting redoing the kitchen on the list for possible next big renovation...