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We began conceptualizing this room last Fall when my nephew bought his first house. We had a few basic ideas, but no real direction, so the DIY Forum 30 Day Flip $100 Room Challenge was a motivating factor. We faced three major hurdles: my nephew's indecisive nature - which is why the room hadn't been done yet, $100 contest budget and, most importantly, making Bennie, the cat, happy. We needed to create a triple duty space that both the homeowner and the resident feline would love, all for $100. Other than the curtains and rods (which I cut to fit,) everything is refurbished, upcycled, re-used and/or handmade. Including hardware and paint, we spent $93 to re-make this room!! http://www.snazzylittlethings.com/. http://artsandclassy.com/
Bennie thinks the original space needs improvement.
The room had dark blue walls and little else when we started.
We removed the sliding doors on the closet & made note of the crawl space access door.
We chose a light gray and red color scheme to go with what the homeowner had started in the rest of the house.
48" x 40" poster on the large wall
The focus of large wall became a photo of the homeowner's motorcycle superimposed over a stock picture of an old gas station. The poster was a birthday gift that had been stashed in a closet & the frame was FREE from a pizza place that went out of business.
Desk area
A view of the closet/office. The closet was painted in a slightly darker shade of gray. The stool was purchased from a thrift store for $5, sanded and repainted. The desk is a discarded door picked up at a salvage yard, cut to size and painted.
Seating area
The seating area. $5 chairs flank a yard sale end table. The end table houses Bennie's litter box. We cut the side panel out of the table so he can do his business in private and left the doors accessible for human access.
Acrylic marquee signs found at an auction for $6.25 were repainted, fitted with LED Christmas lights and re-assembled.
Desk area
The desktop was placed at counter height to accommodate the height of the stool and allow access to the crawl space.
Seating area
A different view of the seating area with the overhead light turned off.
"Neon" arrow in the dark.
Our "sparkplug" lamp found at the Habitat Re'Store got its own hand-painted logo, compliments of my very talented Mom.
Cat station
Cat bed with storage made from an old dresser. The two top drawers have been nailed shut & modified (and lined) inside to contain Bennie's cat food. Access is via the top, which was removed and re-attached with a piano hinge. An old bed pillow pads Bennie's new platform bed.
The cast off drawers were transformed into an aerial bed and sitting shelf high off the ground.
Happy in Benniville
Bennie is VERY happy with his new room!
Suggested materials:
  • Oops bin paints! Less than $20 total   (Home Depot & Habitat Re'Store)
  • Our whimsical rug was a $3 find at a yard sale and the desk lamp was an extra one we had in storage.   (Most pieces were thrift store or yard sale finds)
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  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jul 03, 2016
    I can't believe that you spent so little money - looks awesome!

  • Cathie Antczak Cathie Antczak on Jul 05, 2016
    UPDATE: Bennie LOVES his new room. It's been reported that he seldom leaves it and has utilized both wall shelves and his platform bed and enjoys trolling through "Benniville" on the rug.