Painted Furniture! ...cedar-lined Trunk

2 Materials
2 Hours

I am big fan of up-cycling furniture -- mostly with decent quality paint. Here's a cedar-lined trunk that I picked up at a second hand resale shop for $40. (...haggled... original price was $50 -- cash is king!)

Here's the original trunk. Oak?

I picked out a satin finish Valspar paint. ...needed just a quart (have tons leftover!)

Color: "Luna" -- a very light, soft green

Propped up trunk on drop cloth... so that I could paint all the way to bottom. (I've also used vegetable cans for this step.)

First coat! ...applied to clean surface. (...I just used Windex.)

To paint around catch-lock, I used a Q-tip. BTW: in this photo, I noticed that I had paint drips on the "flower" design... I cleaned those up with a stroke or two of the brush.

After second (last) coat. The Valspar (paint + primer) covered very well!

Voilà! "new" trunk (for watercolor art supplies.). I love its Shabby-Chic/Art Deco look! :-)

Suggested materials:

  • Quart of paint+primer   ($20 at Lowes)
  • Brushes, drop cloths, gloves   (garage)

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