A Rain Forest Inspired Antique Dresser

Lisa from Recreated Designs is joining us for her very first Country Chic Paint blog post today! Read on to find out how she created this adorable, textured monkey dresser with Rustic Charm, Embossing Plaster, Glaze, and Natural Wax.
I was “monkeying” around with some incredible Country Chic Paint products recently and had so much fun. I was able to completely recreate an antique dresser into something inspired by the rain forest using just a small can of Rustic Charm coloured paint, a little Embossing Plaster and Furniture Glaze and some Natural Wax.
To prepare this dresser for it’s transformation, it needed some repairs to a patch of burnt veneer and a few chipped spots. Once that was done, I didn’t need to do any other prep before I began to paint.
I began by painting the entire dresser with two coats of the Furniture and Decor Paint in Rustic Charm and it covered the antique wood beautifully.
This gorgeous, fresh, green colour was the perfect backdrop for the rain forest themed dresser that I had envisioned.
After painting the dresser, I chalked out the monkey and the vine that would be the focal point of the design. The vine traveled from the front, around to the sides and then to the top of the dresser to add depth and character.
To give the vine and monkey a lot of texture and a two-dimensional feeling, I used the Embossing Plaster in Praline to make them pop off of the green paint. Using a small popsicle stick, I wiped and spread on the Embossing Plaster randomly throughout the vine and then more heavily on the monkey.
Once the Embossing Plaster was dry, it provided the perfect texture to bring the vine and monkey to life.
To paint the vines, I mixed some of the Furniture Glaze in Smoky Quartz with the Rustic Charm paint to create a deeper green. The glaze was the perfect colour to deepen the green and to slightly change the the texture of the paint. For the monkey, I used the same method and filled him in with shades of brown.
After everything was painted, I gave the entire dresser several coats of the Natural Wax. The wax went on smoothly and will provide a lovely, durable finish that will protect the paint for a long time to come.
This adorable monkey couldn’t have turned out better and I am thrilled that another piece of furniture has been saved from the wood chipper.
I truly can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed working with these Country Chic Products and can’t wait to dig into the next project!
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