Discontinued IKEA Can't Kill My Vibe

Andrea Whitley
by Andrea Whitley
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Why you should never give up on your dreams of a matching bedroom set.
Silly IKEA. You go and make a good quality, posh looking set then discontinue the color (ok, I admit this is off Craigslist and I wouldn't have bought furniture new anyway). BUT when I went to match this dude, nooobody had it. You get IKEA grey-brown, you keep it 4 LYFE. Which leaves me with a lone chest, too many clothes, and no drawers...
This is the dresser I wanted to match with basic Hemnes knobs. I thought I loved them--- I thought wrong.
This is the small, yellow-tan dresser I THOUGHT was a large, grey dresser from the Craigslist pic. Not. But I cozied up to my kid sized dresser. I had Googled "IKEA grey brown" to find many disappointed discontinuees like myself. Instead of furniture, Google recommended mimicking the color using a "Weathered Grey" stain. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

1. Removed drawers, knobs 2. Sanded down the dresser (not real wood unfortunately--- it stripped the veneer, made spots and totally took away the faux wood grain feel) 3. Spilled stain all over my left leg, highly amusing my fiancé and inspiring him to take this pic, luckily! 4. Applied a weathered grey stain + poly, in dark-light strokes to mimic wood. 5. Set to dry then attached new silver knobs.

Note: if you take this on, I would recommend skipping step 3.
You can tell it's painted here, but hey, its a grey thing that also gets my fiancé's basketball shorts off the floor. Last step was to apply knobs- I never did find Hemnes BUT I decided to go with the accent metal of the bedroom, silver. (Also might be that they were the cheapest knobs at Lowe's, shhh.)
The cool thing: because I updated with flashier knobs, it detracts from the difference of the dressers. Add a dark room ambience, and nobody's the wiser!
Bonus: by some magical miracle of moving sales on Craigslist, I also found nightstands to match, actual IKEA grey-brown. You guys won't even believe how long and stubbornly I waited for matching nightstands on CL. I'm a nutcase.
Oh, right, so ummm, I can explain... shortly after all that work, my friend and I saw this real wood brown/white beach-style dresser at a thrift shop. With a little (lotta) help from my friends, we gave it the same sand-stain treatment. Because adults should have adult-sized dressers. And I have my share of small chest already, thank you.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE---don't you worry. Little dude is in my craft closet holding sheets and whatnot. He's fine. But now our bedroom is FOOINE.

And one day, by divine intervention, that black mirror will finally hang properly on the wall.
Suggested materials:
  • IKEA dresser, $80 including assembly and delivery because good people do exist   (Craigslist)
  • Small dresser, $15   (Craigslist)
  • Weathered grey stain + poly, $9??   (Lowes)
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  • Kornelia Webb Kornelia Webb on Nov 15, 2019

    Hey! What was the stain-color you used for the first dresser?

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