3 Materials
6 Days
Hi everyone! :-) Well the chest of drawers are finished. I bought and redone it for my mom! I sanded the really dark stain off and down to the natural wood. Mom chose to apply only one coat of polyurethane on it. I bought this chest of drawers for my mom so it was her choice. So take a look at this magical piece of work.
I worked hard on this beautiful chest of drawers for my mom. You can call it a labor of love! The wood was sanded down really well, now it shines in all of it's beautiful wood glory!
Left side
I wasn't sure how much polyurethane to use, the dresser is so beautiful on it's own and I didn't want to take away from that. It was up to my mom in the end.
Right side
She decided on one coat, I think it gives the dresser the perfect shine, but still lets it shine on it's own! It really came out beautiful.
I and my mom both are very happy with how it came out! I hope you like it too! :)
Suggested materials:
  • Electric sander, sand paper,clean damp cloth , polyurethane   (Yard sale)
  • Electric sander,sand paper,clean damp cloth, polyurethane   (Yard sale)
  • Electric sander, sand paper, clean damp cloth, polyurethane   (Yard sale)
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