Curbside Trash to My Little Treasure Chest

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There are those who would neverrr and those of us that do it all the time, trash hunters! This little chest looked so cute sitting all alone out to the curb, I had to save it! I don't have a complete "before look" because I had the lid paint all removed at this point so just pretend it's all green okay? I tried to strip the green paint off and it went into a jelly- like glob! I gave up and left it outdoors to be tossed to my was going to require too much time and energy to get the green gone.

Partial Before Look

But I forgot about my secret heat gun! So I tried the chest lid first and as you can see it was able to reveal the original finish! Yay!

Heat Gun

Armed with knowing it was possible I persevered and worked on the chest base, applying heat until the paint bubbled then came the satisfaction of peeling and scraping it away.

Old Paint Removed

Now that I was down to the bare bones I did have some wood repairs to carry out. It's just a thin veneer wood panel and some of it had warped from the frame so Titebond glue was my go to fix for this.

Repairs to Panel

I used an old butter knife to spread the glue into the seam as far as I could to ensure better coverage.

Spreading the Glue

Clamps were applied to keep pressure on the seam and left in place overnight to ensure the glue had set. Scrap strips of wood are seen underneath the clamps to apply even pressure over a larger area than just the clamp width.

Clamped to Set in Place

I think it was missing drawers or a faux drawer panel at the bottom, I had no clue how to make this space into practical storage? My husband suggested maybe putting baskets there, I didn't have anything to fit the cavity size, now what? Cookiessss! Wait! What?

Recycled Chocolate Cans

Fancy cookie cans girl, pretty ones and the best part was that two fitted in there like a custom made set! They'll make for great storage as well so it was a win-win!

Cans Fit Perfectly

Let's rock 'n' roll and get some paint on this chest, the tins gave me the inspiration for the color scheme. I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black to give everything a good solid, base color and this paint goes on like a silky scarf, just a smooth glide with my paintbrush.

Black Fusion Paint

Heres a summary of my thought process for the paint finishes.

Next, it came time to add the hardware since I found it with all of that missing. I got these decorative hinges at the hardware store in a nickel finish, I was fortunate to find them in any color.

New Decorative Hinges

The previous hardware holes were super tiny so it must have only been tacked in place with fine nails. I was adding a pull to open the lid so I found my center point and drilled a hole for it's placement.

Drilling Pull Hole

I managed to recycle a pull from a cutlery chest that I sprayed in a galvanized silver along with decorative fake lock that I just glued in place.

Pull and Faux Lock

This is the view looking down to the cover of the chest, you'll recall the brown and brass original look?

Finished Lid Look

Lifting the cover and looking inside, it now has a newly painted, solid black interior.

Interior Finished Look

It's all fresh and new, yet it still has a touch of old world charm to it I think.

Finished Look

It fits in with my other black and white decor, it has a practical purpose and it's a conversation starter too I'm learning.

My Treasure Chest

Below I'm demonstrating how the tin cans slide out to access the bottom storage, it works like it was made to order for that purpose.

Tins Slide Out

It became hidden storage for my macrame supplies with the wool stored in the chest and my tools and other trims concealed beneath!

Craft Storage Usage

I know, you're asking what's in the suitcase?? Lol, I think you already know...more wool!! The thing is I have a very small home by today's standards and we are empty nesters so my dining room has become a crafting space in the upstairs area. My craftroom is in the basement which isn't convenient when you are multi tasking crafts and cooking! This way I can craft and conceal, its all at my fingertips!

Treasure Chest Hideaway

I thank you so much for following along and I hope this post has sparked an upcycle idea for your fancy cookie tins! Until my next post keep on crafting...a craft a day pushes the anxiety away!

Suggested materials:
  • Fusion Mineral Paint Coal   (Paint Store)
  • Magimate Sash paint brush   (Amazon)
  • Silver Craft Paint -Morning Glory   (Dollar Store)
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