Decoupage Children's Chair

by Lydia
7 Materials
20 Hours

This is an easy project with a children's wooden chair. I wanted to use materials I had on hand and create a unique piece. This is a decoupaged technique with napkins and mod podge.

Decoupage Children's chair

Gather Materials:


Mod Podge

Paint (I used black and white but you can use

whatever color would look good with the napkins

you chose).


Brush (I used two sizes but you can always use on).

Foam brush (I used it to put on mod podge).

Sand paper (optional).

Rag and water to clean after sanding.

Preparing the surface and chair:

1.   Sand chair.

2.   Clean chair with a rag and water.

3.   Paint chair with white paint.

Separate the napkin layers. This means peel the (typically) white layer off the back of the front layer. You can gently rub the layers together to separate or use a piece of Scotch tape in one corner and pull.

Cut or tear napkin to cover the surface.

Practice ...if you tear a piece just replace by cutting a small piece to cover the mistake. Patience are key.

Pressure of your brush is crucial. Don’t be light as your just weakening the napkin and don’t be rough as you will tear your napkin.

I painted the seat part black and I wanted some texture so I painted in circles. Allow to drive and sans areas that may be too thick.

I can use it as a plant stand.

Decoration on my deck.

It can also be used as a children's chair.

Suggested materials:
  • Mod Podge   (Amazon)
  • Paint
  • Napkins   (Tuesday Morning)
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