Earring Fetish???

Sharon Rose
by Sharon Rose
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OK, so I have an earring fetish, short of extensive counseling, I don’t see myself getting help any time soon, so I best come up a way to organize my problem.
I laid out my earrings, packed up those I haven’t worn in a year, donated to Goodwil. Now, what to do with the rest? Super easy, chicken wire earring rack.
First thing I did was cut a piece of chicken wire to fit inside my closet door.
For this project I used a small grid chicken wire so I could hang more earrings. Now off to make a frame for the wire, to my husbands garage with the wire, had him cut a pallet board into 1 inch wide boards, he nailed the 4 pieces together into a frame.
Completed frame. I wanted it whitewashed, it was so small, the wood is rough, not a big deal, grabbed my craft acrylic white paint, small brush and smeared it on leaving some wood showing through.
Time to staple the wire to the frame
My only tool on this project... staple gun
I don’t want the wire right against the wall, I want a gap between the wall and frame to slide the earrings in and out easily. I glued/nailed a small board to the back of the frame, one on top, one on bottom.
The nails probably would have done the trick but I added the glue too... TIP: Gorilla glue swells as it dries, use sparingly.
And here’s the easy part! I love me some Command Strips! Put a couple large on top, and again on the bottom. Applied to the inside of my closet door.
Cool huh!
And the finished product.

Additionally, if you don’t have super hubby to cut the boards, hit a thrift shop/Goodwill and pick up a picture frame, paint it or use it as is, if you like it, staple the chicken wire to the frame, ready made!

One more tidbit, chicken wire comes in tiny squares or a larger pattern, I made an additional wire frame with the larger pattern, I use that one for pictures or notes with tiny clothespins purchased at Hobby Lobby. See the difference in the wire pattern on the 2nd one I made?

This is a super easy project. Hope you like it!
Suggested materials:
  • Pallet board, chicken wire, staple gun, couple nails and Command Strips.   (I had all the materials, but originally I purchased the roll of chicken wire at Home Depot)
  • Small grid chicken wire, board of your liking or established frame.   (Wire and Command Strips at Home Depot)
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