How to Make a Simple & Stylish DIY Patio Umbrella Stand

When I bought this umbrella, it came with a metal T for the base to attach to. I didn’t like that it was a tripping hazard and I didn’t want to spend more money on a new stand. So I decided to do a DIY patio umbrella stand from a pot I found at Walmart for $25 and a 50-pound bag of fast-setting concrete mix for $7.

Looking back I would grab two bags of concrete because one bag wasn’t enough to keep it from being top-heavy with wind. That’s why I added rocks I had on hand. The smaller rocks were mostly just for decoration to cover the ugly bigger rocks. Let’s get started on this homemade DIY patio umbrella stand.

Tools and materials

  • Sturdy pot (purchased from Walmart or any store of your choice)
  • Bottom half of the umbrella pole (the part that connects to the original stand)
  • Water
  • Garden shovel
  • Drill (for creating drainage hole)

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Choosing a pot for the project

1. Find a pot

Find a suitable pot. Head to your local Walmart or any other store where you can find a pot that you love. Look for one that is sturdy and complements your outdoor space. Once you've found the perfect pot, you're ready to move on to the next step.

Prepping the pole

2. Prep the pole

Prepare the bottom half of the umbrella pole. Take the bottom half of the pole that came with your umbrella. This is the part that usually connects to the original stand. You'll only need this portion for the DIY project.

Setting the concrete

3. Set the concrete

Use set concrete for stability. To give your umbrella stand stability, we'll be using set concrete. Follow the instructions on the concrete packaging and mix it with water until you achieve the right consistency.

Leveling the concrete

4. Level the concrete

Level the concrete in the pot. Place the bottom half of the umbrella pole in the center of the pot. Carefully pour the mixed concrete around the pole until the pot is almost full. Use a regular garden shovel to level the concrete.

Creating drainage

5. Create drainage

Create drainage for the pot. To prevent water from accumulating in the pot, make one side of the concrete a little lower than the other. This will help you identify where the water is pooling. Once you've found the spot, use a drill to create a small hole for drainage.

Adding large rocks

6. Add large rocks

Add big rocks for extra weight (optional). If the 50-pound bag of concrete isn't heavy enough to keep your umbrella stable, you can add some rocks. Use any rocks you have lying around your garden or outdoor area. Add them to the pot until you feel satisfied with the weight and stability.

Securing the umbrella

7. Secure umbrella

Ensure the umbrella is secure. Position your umbrella in the center of the pot, making sure the pole fits securely into the concrete. If needed, adjust the umbrella's position until it stands straight and steady. Add decorative rocks on top of the larger rocks.

DIY patio umbrella stand

DIY patio umbrella stand

If your umbrella has lights like mine, you're in for a treat. Enjoy the cool ambiance it creates during nighttime gatherings in your outdoor space. There you have it – your upgraded DIY patio umbrella stand is ready to enhance your outdoor experience.

Now you can relax and enjoy the shade without worrying about a wobbly stand. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Frequently asked questions
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  3 questions
  • Joanne Joanne on Aug 04, 2023
    I love this idea! Question.....I'm assuming you should get a heavy clay pot? Not plastic? Thank you!
  • Judith Judith on Aug 06, 2023
    This is great ! But what do you do if the sun moves and you want to move your shade ?
  • The68813940 The68813940 on Aug 06, 2023
    I would set a heavy duty wheeled base under the planter for ease of relocation.
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  • Line Line on Aug 06, 2023
    What kind of umbrella did you use? Asking bc I need one that cants over the spa and yours looks promising.
  • SusZanne SusZanne on Aug 07, 2023
    Not the best choice. Better to take a pot and put marble chips. Key is taken a piece of PVC pipe slightly larger than the umbrella pipe and 6" taller than pot. Drill drain home in bottom. I advise you put it on rolling pot holder so it can be moved if desired. The reasoning is if the umbrella breaks as in wind storm your stuck if it's in concrete. If you want concrete be sure and at least use a piece of PVC which you can spray paint to match umbrella pipe.