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Hellooo Hometalkers!
I love to build things and when I get free wood, I love it even more! I also have to dig right in, so when I got some a few days ago I went to work on a few new projects!
This is what I made in one day!
Nice scrap wood for me !! What am I going to make? Hmmm.... all kinds of possibilities... separate the wood by type and size first... Oh, I know what I need !
First project is a bench for my front porch, I need more seating that's for sure!
I used 2x6's, 2x4, 4x4 posts and a cut piece about 1x1.
I took two 2x6's and a 2x4 , cut them to 33 inches long. The 1x1 I cut into four 12 inch long pieces and the four posts to 18 inches in length. I used a compound saw to cut everything, quick and easy!
Everything is cut and ready to put together!
Here it is upside down ! Not all of this wood is straight and you really need to try to fit the wood together before you cut so you get a tight fit. It can be hard to square right if the wood is too bowed or wobbly/wavy but that is why it is scrap wood.
My better half told me I had to use galvanized screws because it was treated wood. I didn't know that and why had he not told me this before! Well it's a good thing we had some so I used 8x2" galvanized wood screws.
I laid out the 2x6's and put the 2x4 in between them , I then screwed in the 1x1 at 4 1/2" in on the sides and 1 3/4 " front and back, one screw each board and both sides equal six screws. Now onto the legs. I was going to drill a hole in each leg and put in a double screw but decided to just screw caddy corner straight in the leg to the seat. Four screws each leg equals 16.
I was going to toenail the legs but I think it is already very sturdy. All put together in about 2 1/2 hours and now I gonna paint!
I love blue! A little bit of green and yellow design.
That didn't take long at all (1 1/2 hours including drying time).
I was going to paint something in the middle of the seat but just went with the corners. I love my new little bench!
Now I need to make a cushion! New project  !
I took the finished pictures this morning in the rain, bad day for taking pictures.
Second project is a shelving unit! We really needed this and I'm going to make another one next weekend just a bit different than this one I made here.
I did the exact same thing to the shelves that I did to the bench top except with different measurements, of course.
Four 25" long 2x6's and two 25" long 2x4's with four 12" long 1x1's. Same steps as the bench top above for the shelves.
Next are the sides/legs. I used four 2x4's cut to 30 1/2" long and this time I toenailed the legs. Since this will be used for heavy items, I wanted to make sure it would be very strong and sturdy.
Now that is a great shelving unit of heavy stuff!
This took me about 3 hours to make! I had a little help with holding it tight when drilling in the screws on this project.  

Well on to the next project... a cushion ?

Thanks for looking and remember if I can do it so can you!
Love all comments!

Suggested materials:
  • Several pieces of scrap wood   (A friend)
  • About half a box of Galvanized 8x2" screws   (on hand)
  • Blue, green and yellow paint   (on hand)
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