How to Build a DIY Wood Slat Bench in a Few Easy Steps

by Well_shetried

Last summer, I embarked on a project that I'm still swooning over—my very own DIY wood slat bench. It's not only a functional addition to my outdoor space but also a stylish one.

Want to make one too? Follow this step-by-step tutorial using simple tools and materials.

Tools and materials

  • 7 pieces of 2 x 3 x 50” boards
  • 14 pieces of 2 x 3 x 15” boards
  • 12 pieces of 1 x 3 x 17.5” boards
  • Liquid Nails
  • Brad nailer
  • Brad nails
  • Wood filler
  • Sandpaper
  • Gel stain
  • Gel finish
Cutting the boards to size

1. Cut the Boards to Size

Start by cutting your boards to the specified sizes:

  • 7 pieces of 2x3x50”
  • 14 pieces of 2x3x15”
  • 12 pieces of 1x3x17.5”
Assembling the frame

2. Assemble the Frame:

Assemble the bench frame by strategically rotating the 1x3 and 2x3 boards. This pattern creates a visually appealing design.

3. Attach Boards Using Liquid Nails

Secure the boards together using Liquid Nails. Apply the adhesive generously to ensure a strong bond. Once the boards are in place, use a brad nailer and brad nails to reinforce the structure. Nail each board as you go to maintain stability.

Sanding the bench

4. Fill Gaps and Sand

Inspect the bench for any gaps between the boards. Fill these gaps with wood filler for a seamless finish. Once the filler is dry, sand the entire bench until it's smooth to the touch.

Staining the bench

5. Stain the Bench

Now, it's time to add character to your creation. Apply a gel stain of your choice to the assembled bench. Make sure to cover every nook and cranny for a consistent finish. Allow the stain to penetrate the wood and achieve the desired color.

Applying sealing finish to the wood

6. Seal the Deal with a Finish

To protect your bench from the elements, apply a sealing finish. I opted for a gel finish to enhance the wood's natural beauty while providing durability. Ensure even coverage to safeguard your bench for seasons to come.

DIY wood slat bench

DIY wood slat bench

And there you have it—a stunning DIY wood slat bench ready to elevate your indoor or outdoor space.

Get creative with stains and finishes to match your style. Share your DIY furniture ideas and projects in the comments below.

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