How to Build a Homemade Tool for Copper Wire Stripping - DIY

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Sometimes it happens that a large number of old and unnecessary scraps of wires accumulate in the workshop. Of course, some of them can still serve in some projects, and some that have gaps inside, it is easier to dissolve and pass to the point of reception of non-ferrous metal. In this review, we will tell and show how to make a small machine to quickly remove insulation from unnecessary scraps of wires.If you are a copper collector then the next tool is for you! In the next video I show an easy way to build a tool for peeling copper wires easily. To facilitate the build process of the tool I avoided the use of welding. I also used the materials everyone has in his workshop.
First, cut out the desired metal plate for the bottom of our machine. Mark and drill four holes in the corners. We insert the prepared studs into the holes and fix them with nuts.
We cut off a small segment from the reinforcement for the manufacture of the shaft. We adjust to the desired size and fix the gears opposite each other with the tops of the cones. We put the bearing seats on both sides and install them on the studs. We fix everything through the washer with the help of nuts.
We install the top cover and tighten everything with nuts. We weld a piece of metal strip to the output shaft from the gears and fix the handle for rotation. The knife is adjusted with two nuts.
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Suggested materials:
  • Metal
  • Threaded rod
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