How to Make a Faux Concrete Planter in a Few Easy Steps

I'm going to share my experience with the Behr paint DIY challenge to create a faux concrete planter. I headed to the nearest Home Depot and grabbed some fantastic Behr paint for my "Something Old is Something New" project.

Join me as I take you through each step of my fast and easy DIY plastic planter makeover.

Tools and materials

  • Planter urn (purchased for $3 at a yard sale)
  • Behr Light Truffle paint (for the base color)
  • Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White paint and primer (for the aged look)
  • Paintbrush
  • Dirt or soil
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water and rag (for cleaning)
  • Drop cloth or newspaper
Prepping the planter

1. Plan and prep

I selected the perfect piece for my project – a $3 planter urn from a yard sale. Next, I gathered Behr's Light Truffle paint for the base and their Premium Plus Ultra Pure White paint and Primer (plus dirt) for the aged effect.

When you do this, set up your workspace with a drop cloth or newspaper to protect your surroundings during this messy project.

Base color paint

2. Applying the base color

Using a paintbrush, I applied a coat of Behr's Light Truffle paint to the entire planter urn. I was amazed by how well it covered and instantly transformed the piece.

Brown dirt
Painting with white paint and dirt

3. Creating the aged look

Once the base coat was dry, it was time to achieve the aged appearance. I mixed some dirt with Behr's Ultra Pure White paint to create a textured and weathered effect.

How to age a concrete planter

To get a weathered effect, dip the paintbrush into the paint-dirt mixture, and then lightly dab off excess on a cloth.

Gently and sporadically apply the paint-dirt mixture to the planter urn. This technique will add depth and character, simulating the appearance of age.

DIY plastic planter makeover

Alternate between applying the paint-dirt mixture and lightly brushing with the paintbrush until you achieve the desired color and texture.

Faux concrete planter

Faux concrete planter

I couldn't be happier with the final outcome of this plastic planter makeover. For a few dollars, I was able to make what looks like an aged concrete planter urn. Feel free to share your thoughts and projects in the comments below.

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