5 Cleaning Mistakes I Used to Make & How I Fixed Them

You may be making the same cleaning mistakes I have made for a long time. But I can show you how to avoid common cleaning mistakes. Your home will thank you!

Spraying product on a surface
Applying over cleaner
Wiping away over cleaner

Mistake 1 Not letting the cleaning product work

I often find myself not letting the cleaning product sit long enough to penetrate the germs. If I wipe it up right away, I might not be letting the product do its job of eating up the grime while disinfecting. One example: oven cleaner will turn brown as it’s working. Don’t wipe it away before it is muddy brown.

Cloudy floors
Mopping the floor

Mistake 2 Not wringing out my mop

I sometimes use too much product in my mop bucket or forget to wring out the mop enough. When my floors end up streaky, it's a sign that the mop head has too much water. I need to wring it out better. Cloudy floors could mean there's too much cleaning product in my bucket.

Vacuuming in one direction
Vacuuming in multiple directions

Mistake 3 Not vacuuming various directions

I realize I don't always vacuum the carpet in a cross direction. If I'm only vacuuming in one direction without flipping and vacuuming sideways to finish, I might not be getting deep into the carpet fibers and picking everything up.

Dusting first
Wiping surfaces after dusting

Mistake 4 Not dusting first

I sometimes forget to dust or vacuum surfaces first. It's crucial to ensure I'm dusting or using a vacuum to remove dirt and debris before wiping any surface. This helps me to avoid just adding water to dirt and creating mud in my home.

Maintaining cleaning appliances
Cleaning mistakes

Mistake 5 Not maintaining my cleaning appliances

I've noticed that I neglect to maintain my cleaning machines. It's important to clean and maintain them properly to extend their lifetime. Regular maintenance ensures they continue to work effectively.

Cleaning mistakes

Let me know in the comments if you have made any of these cleaning mistakes. Also, let me know if other cleaning mistakes should be on this list. We all make them so don’t be shy but we can all learn from each other what not to do!

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