How to Make an Easy Mosaic on a Metal Table

by Florac1
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The easy way to create a mosaic table for an outdoor patio, deck or yard using any old metal table. Metal is a little different than more porous surfaces, and needs an epoxy glue. In this video I show you all the steps to create a beautiful and useful art piece for your home, inside or out. For a complete supply list, visit my blog at
This is unique because its on a metal table instead of a porous surface.
First draw a design on a piece of paper - find a pattern to mimic or create your own. Then transfer your design onto the top of your table. ( Because its metal, use a metallic sharpie  or a white china marker so you can see clearly where to put the mosaics) 
Then get your materials.Organize your mosaic materials in a container so that it can go a lot quicker. You can also get vintage plates from thrift shops and break them with a hammer ( and safety goggles).  You can also use jewelry aisle material or seashells. Just make sure that the material can stand up to the weather. 

Get tiling! Start putting your mosaic materials in the form of your design.
Let the glue cure at least overnight before you grout. 
The key to piecing mosaics is finding peices that work ( like a giant puzzle). Set the glue (liquid nails epoxy because its on metal) where you want to put your mosaic piece.  Set it in place and hold i for a few seconds.
Once the mosaics have been sitting over night, its good to go for grouting. Use a bucket that you don't mind if it gets trashed,
Ice cold water, mixer, and grout.

pour your grout ( I used half a bag) and gradually add water. What you're looking for is runny mashed potatoes consistency. ( Kind of a runny paste). Follow your packet instructions for how long to let it sit. 
Put your rubber gloves on. And use a tool to put on the grout- work from the middle out and spread it and push it down, scrape, push it into the cracks. 

You can also use your hands to move the grout around. Cover the whole table with grout. Scrape excess off the top.
Within 10-20 minutes things are starting to set, so you want to go over it with a wet sponge to get the excess grout off.
You'll start to see your mosaics underneath. Make sure to move quickly!

Use a rag and a brush to buff. Just get in there and scrub off the excess grout. And take the cloth to buff it until it shines. Then finish with miniwax polycrilic  on top.

FINAL PIECE! Close up!
FINAL PIECE! Full Table.
Suggested materials:
  • Plates to break   (dollar store or thrift store)
  • Jewelery beads and charms   (craft store)
  • Metal table   (ikea)
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  • B. Roberts B. Roberts on Apr 06, 2018

    My garden table has a glass top.Can i still do mosaic tiles on it and what do i need?

  • Sue Mayho-Doyle Sue Mayho-Doyle on Apr 16, 2018

    Can you do this with coins ?

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  • B. Roberts B. Roberts on Apr 07, 2018

    Thankyou Florac1 for your reply.The table has been out for a few yrs now,but i cover it during the winter monthsWHEN i get round to doing this project i will put pics up.

  • B. Roberts B. Roberts on Apr 17, 2018

    I was wondering what i would use instead of grout as its out in the rain,we have lots of it