9 Weird Ways Windex Works Around the House

What can unstick a zipper, remove stains and kill bugs on contact? No, it’s not Superman—it’s Windex!
Skeptical? Check out nine of Windex’s most impressive hidden powers: http://bit.ly/18OqxJ9
1. Cut Through Grease

You know that pesky grease on your stove and pans that requires so much scrubbing to remove that you’re sore the next morning? There’s an easy fix: apply 2-3 sprays of Windex to the greasy area and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, wipe it with a rag and the grease will slide off like butter. Note: Be sure to thoroughly wash your pans with dish soap before cooking again.

2. Unstick a Zipper

Spray 1-2 sprays of Windex on the area where the zipper is stuck. It acts as a lubricant. Slowly begin pulling the zipper back and forth until it starts it’s normal zipping duties again.

3. Add a Streak-Free Shine to Stainless Steel and Tile

Stainless steel and tile (especially tile floors) are prone to streaking, which is pretty irritating while you’re cleaning. Use Windex on countertop tiles and stainless steel appliances to find that elusive streak-free shine.

4. Actually, Add Shine to Almost Any Surface

Turns out you can use Windex on whatever surface you want! Looking to clean the kitchen in a pinch? Spray Windex on the countertops, fridge, stove top and sink. Then, quickly run a rag over everything. You can tell your houseguests it took all day – we won’t reveal your secret!

5. Clean Electronics

Windex can be used on the outer shell of electronics like DVRs, cable boxes, TVs, your laptop or desktop computer and lamps. It will pick up dust and leave your devices sparkling clean. However, we recommend avoiding the screen entirely!

6. Stain Remover

Yes, you read that correctly. Windex can be used on fabrics and carpet to remove most stains including coffee, food, drinks, blood (gross, but true), grease and oil. For small clothing stains, use two sprays and let the Windex sit on the fabric for 5-7 minutes. Then, throw it in the washer. If the stain is larger (about the size of your fist), try 5-6 sprays.

Use the same amount of Windex for carpet stains and lightly dab your carpet with a paper towel or clean rag. It may take a few rounds of spraying Windex and dabbing before the stain is gone, but if you persevere, it’ll work!

Tip: Test a small amount of Windex on an inconspicuous area of the fabric or carpet to be sure it won't damage the material before going gung-ho on the stain.

7. Calm Swelling

Did you know that Windex can be used to remove things like stuck wedding rings? It’s true! Windex reduces swelling. Apply 1-2 sprays to a swollen finger and after a minute you’ll be able to slip your ring off. Once your swelling goes down, make sure to wash the Windex off of you skin and jewelry.

8. Bug Deterrent

Windex works as bug spray for ants, flies, stinkbugs and most other creepy crawlers you will occasionally find around the house. However, we recommend that you only use Windex to kill bugs on contact, not as a preventative measure.

9. Clean a Clogged Printerhead

Your printerhead is the part of the printer that attaches to the ink cartridge and applies the ink to the page. They’re pretty temperamental, and get clogged easily especially if you have an older model.

If this happens, first turn off your printer. Then, wet a paper towel with 3-4 sprays of Windex, remove the ink cartridge, and place the paper towel on the printerhead. Leave the paper towel for 24 hours and make sure the printerhead is dry before you turn the printer back on and try to print with a new ink cartridge.

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