Tea Pot Bird House...

Sarah M
by Sarah M
I saw a bird house made out of a tea pot and loved it. So I wanted to make myself one, but put my own spin on it.
So off to the flea market i went to find me the perfect tea pot for my bird house.
I drew the pattern of how I wanted the wood base to look like that would hold the tea pot. I drew the pattern onto a scrap piece of board, cut it out using a skill saw, and painted it. I gave the board two coats of spray paint.
For the roof, I measured, cut the board in the length needed and spray painted the boards. I shot the picture after one coat of spray paint. I added another coat to the boards.
When the boards were dry, I glued the roof onto the base using wood glue. Then used nails to reinforce the roof.
I decided to add tin to the roof, so I measured and cut the piece of tin needed to cover the roof.
I bent the tin to fit the roof. I used a little drill bit to drill holes into the tin to make the nails go in easier as I nailed the tin to the roof.
I used a table spoon for the bird perch.
I bent the spoon into the shape needed.
I used a drill to drill a hole into the spoon and screwed the spoon onto the wooden base.
I wanted to use the lid as well, so I used silicone to glue the lid to the lip and handle of the tea pot and let dry. To make sure the lid stayed in place while drying, I secured the lid with mashing tape. When the silicone set up, I removed the tape. I let the silicone set up for 24 hours. I used silicone to anchor the bottom of the tea pot to the wooden base. I forgot to take a picture of this process. I let it set up for 24 hours. This amount of time might not be needed, but this is the amount of time I use for projects using silicone.
I added little plastic crystals at the top, and on each side of the roof for some bling.
I hung the bird house on a shepherd’s hook and placed it in my flower bed for now until I can pick out a perfect spot for it. I love how the project turned out!
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  • Elaine Elaine on Apr 22, 2016
    Very cute! I'm curious to know if the ceramic will get hot in the sun. The tin roof will help, but wondering about what happens when sun hits the back or sides? Maybe best installed in a shady place under a porch or tree? Wouldn't want to cook the eggs or babies. :)
  • 9530106 9530106 on Apr 22, 2016
    So cute-love it. Do you have any photos of your fairy garden? I'm loving that,too!
  • Melody Melody on Apr 22, 2016
    I scrolled three times trying to figure out how the bird's reach the seeds, it looks to me like the perch (spoon handle) is way down too far below the opening where they are to eat from. Can the spoon be placed higher on the base?
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