How do I get a slate chalkboard really clean?

My husband made me a wine cabinet. Found an old chalkboard in his stuff and cut it for the top but we need to know how to clean the chalkboard really well and get a shine on it?

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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Mar 16, 2019

    They are not made to be shiney. Don't be able to use chalk. Just wash with soap and water.

  • Judy Judy on Mar 16, 2019

    Merri to make it shine you need a slate sealer available at Homedepot type stores.

    You may need to apply multiple coats.

    Move done this with my patio slate floors.


  • William William on Mar 16, 2019

    I agree with Kelli. They are not made to be shiny. Sealer for slate like Judy suggest may work, but then you won't be able to use the chalkboard. And also with any sealer. If your just looking for a shine and don't plan to use it as a chalkboard. Then clean it well with soapy water. Rinse well. Then use three coats of a gloss or high gloss water based polyurethane.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 17, 2019

    worked at a college cleaning here's what we did;Wipe the board with white towels(no fabric softener on it) to remove the chalk residue. It's best to move the towels either vertically or horizontally - don't do both and don't move them in a circular motion.When detail cleaning chalkboards, do small sections at a time. Don't attempt to clean an entire board at a time.Use just a few drops of mild detergent,like baby shampoo, in cool water and a clean, white cloth. Start at the bottom and work your way up. That way you'll avoid drips that could dry before you can clean the lower areas.It's really important that you don't let the board dry out before you've had a chance to wipe it dry, or you could see permanent streaks or drip marks. Rinse the section with a clean cloth. Dry the section by hand, using a dry, white towel. As in the chalk cleaning procedures above, move the towel either vertically or horizontally. let it dry thoroughly 24hrs it's very pourous before reusing especially if you are you sealing it.......Mineral oil and tung oil are food-safe if the chalkboard is destined to become a kitchen countertop or table, but the finish needs recoating over time. You can also use a few coats of a water-based clear polyurethane to protect your countertop. These come in different levels of gloss; a low gloss will look more rustic and natural, while a high gloss has an attractive "wet" look.If you are not sealing it and want to be able to write on it,it needs chalked first after washing so it doesn't leave marks on it that cannot be wiped off with felt erasers. To rechalk it lay full sized piece of white chalk on side and starting at top run/drag piece of chalk length of chalkboard then directly under that repeat and do it until whole board is covered in layer of chalk,take vacuumed clean eraser and wipe board really well. if it's a really big board put chalk pieces inside flaps of eraser so you can do it easier,faster. scratches, these can be buffed out with some dampened fine steel wool.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Mar 17, 2019

    Hello I recently used a tile and stone cleaner both on my black slate fireplace hearth and my Vermont black slate kitchen table -Lazy Susan. The lazy susan in particular had oily strains. After using the spray bottle cleaning product I did seal the stone for future protection. I hope this helps.

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  • Deb Deb on Mar 17, 2019

    Personally, I would paint it "chalkboard" color. They have paint now that is the color of chalkboard. And, you can write on it with chalk. My friend painted a portion of her daughters wall the color of chalkboard. And, It is new looking and not faded. Good Luck with your project. ...Deb

  • Barbara Barbara on Mar 18, 2019

    Used to work in a slate quarry in Wales. All the office floors were slate and the cleaners used to wipe them with milk. Not sure if the finish is what you want or the quality of the slate is good enough but it won’t cost anything to give it a try. I agree slate is not meant to be shiny.

  • BOB WASH BOB WASH on Nov 16, 2019


  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Mar 12, 2023

    The chalkboard is not meant to be shiny, you could paint it with a chalkboard color or clean it with warm sudsy water, rinse, let dry and put a layers of sealer on it.