How To Clean Sink Strainer: A Gross Yet Satisfying Cleaning Tutorial

If you're anything like me, you probably thought you had your kitchen sink cleaning routine down to a science. That was until I stumbled upon a mind-blowing video from Smart Fox that made me realize I was missing a crucial step – cleaning the sink strainer.

Trust me; it's both disgusting and oddly satisfying. So, grab a partner, let me walk you through the steps.

Get ready for a cleaner, more sanitized kitchen!

Tools and Materials:

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Before we dive into the dirty work, find yourself a partner. This is a two-person job, and you'll soon see why. Your partner's main mission? Holding the tail piece of the drain in during the entire cleaning process to avoid a watery mess under your sink.

DIY sink strainer cleaning method step by step

1. Unscrew the Sink Strainer Basket

I used the end of a spoon to unscrew the sink strainer. You could also use a coin or the edge of the the sink strainer basket.

Simple kitchen sink maintenance tips for beginners

It might take a bit of twisting due to the long screw. Make sure your partner has a tight grip on that drain pipe to prevent any unplanned waterworks.

Tackling grimy sink strainer a practical guide

2. Confront the Disgusting Truth

Behold, the moment of truth! Take a good look at the removed sink strainer, and if you're anything like me, prepare to be slightly horrified. It's okay; we're in this together.

How to remove gunk from sink strainer

3. Remove Gunk and Rinse

Arm yourself with paper towels and dispose of the majority of the gunk in the bin. Give it a good rinse to get rid of the surface nastiness.

Clean the inside of kitchen sink strainer

4. Disinfect with Bleach (or Vinegar, or Baking Soda)

Now comes the heavy-duty part. Pour in some bleach (or opt for vinegar or baking soda) to disinfect the sink completely. With your partner still on drain duty, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it down.

Best way to disinfect sink strainer at home

5. Reassemble and Bleach the Sink

While your partner continues to hold the tail piece, screw the sink strainer back on. Finish off by giving the entire sink a bleach treatment and a thorough rinse.

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Clean sink drain

How to Clean Kitchen Sink Strainer

And there you have it – a surprisingly simple yet oh-so-effective way to clean your sink strainer.

I was shocked at what lurked beneath mine, and now I'll be making this a regular part of my cleaning routine.

Have you tried this before? Share your experience or let me know if you have a go-to DIY solution for keeping your kitchen sink in tip-top shape!

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