How to Clean a White Porcelain Sink With Clorox Bleach

As much as I love my white porcelain bathroom sinks, keeping them clean can be quite the challenge.

After trying various methods, I finally found a quick and reliable way to get rid of those pesky stains.

If you’re curious about how to clean a white porcelain sink, join me in this simple DIY project using Clorox bleach. Your sink will be gleaming in no time!

How to bleach a porcelain sink

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Tools and Materials:

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Tips for cleaning a white porcelain sink

1. Fill the Sink with Bleach Solution

Start by filling your sink with warm water.

Best way to bleach a porcelain sink

You'll need 1 gallon of water mixed with 3/4 cup of Clorox bleach.

How to whiten a porcelain sink

2. Let It Sit

Once you've filled the sink with the bleach solution, let it sit for at least 5 minutes. This step allows the bleach to penetrate, break down stains and whiten.

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3.Sanitize and Whiten the Caulk Line

While the solution sits in the sink, I like to do a bit extra. Grab some paper towels, dip them into the bleach water, and place them along the caulk line of the sink.

How to keep a white porcelain sink clean

Leave them to sanitize and whiten up the surface.

Cleaning white sink

4. Rinse Thoroughly

After 5 minutes, drain the sink and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Make sure all bleach residue is washed away to avoid any potential damage to your sink.

Porcelain sink maintenance

5. Shine Up Your Faucets

To finish off your sink cleaning, I like to wipe down the faucets with a bit of Vaseline or dishwasher rinse aid.

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Both work wonders for reducing hard water stains on fixtures and adding a nice shine.

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Use a small amount of either product, and remember to buff it off well for a sparkling finish.

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How Do You Clean a White Porcelain Sink?

Taking a few minutes to clean your sink with Clorox can make a significant impact.

Now that you know how to clean a white porcelain sink, your bathroom will look brighter and more inviting.

Keep your sinks in top condition with this simple routine!

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    Thank you. I’m very mindful of that. I don’t want to blow up my kitchen or lungs, just want a clean sink. 😊
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    I find CLR useless. Whink however is a miracle surit it on and wait a half hour or so and everything looks white as white can be.