Craft Room Decor - Industrial Paint Bottle Storage

I was looking for a neat place to store all of our paint bottles. I love how the colors come together so I decided to try and make them a little piece of wall art. What I came up with was the industrial paint bottle storage using 12" duct connectors. Awesome!
I used supplies for duct work for this project. The girlies and I really struggled with the "how and where" to store the paint. We calculated that we needed space for about 170 craft paint bottles. The girls paint a lot and we go through it fast which is fine by me.
One thing, I wish I had found a tin cap deep enough to not have to use the extra tab collar, but no such luck. The tabs look sharp but they aren't at all. I would have liked to also be able to bend the tabs back but we needed all of the depth.One reader also suggested springform pans.
The label & receipt says that they are a "12 inch start collar with crimp & a 12 inch tee cover without crimp." Respectively, they cost $6.49 & $8.99 for each piece. When put together, they sort of remind me of a spring-form pan for making cheesecakes. Whatever they were supposed to be, this is what they became:
Use Sharpie to mark holes to be drilled
Drill holes in metal (use hubs for help so you can take pictures for blog - then apologize to readers for flash. SORRY!)
Use cap thingy for template to drill holes on cabinet. Drill holes in the cabinet (no photo)
Put in screws and use washer & nut on the back
This is what it looks like on the cabinet.
Slide in the crimped daisy looking piece into the cap and adjust it to fit the length of the paint. Add your paint and realize in one container you know have 61 bottles of paint stored VERTICALLY so this is a super space saver!
We tested whether you could pull one bottle out without pulling the rest or many others out and it passed the test. But, my girls typically pull out 5-10 colors at once so its usually one trip to the paint tins per art project. But yes, the bottles stay in place. I credit this to the smoothness of the bottles. One reader suggested putting a wedge or shims behind the tin so you get a tilt. I love that idea too.
I secured the two pieces together using E-6000 adhesive. And that's it. Simple, cheap and cool.

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  • Debra Archer Coleman Debra Archer Coleman on Aug 15, 2018

    I have a large spice rack if you would like it my email address

  • J.J J.J on Nov 12, 2019

    I bought old cookie tins from goodwill to store them in but haven't hung them up yet.

    • Pat Pat on Jul 13, 2020

      exactly what I was going to say!!