Light Up Spring Floral Table Runner / Garland

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I don't know about you, but if I could have nice fresh flowers in my house every day I totally would! I can't get enough of them! Now that spring is here I thought a floral piece would be a nice touch in the house and decided to make a floral table runner. Add a touch of lights to a floral garland and you have a great piece for a nice dinner.

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STEP 1: Lay a piece of broad leaves down first.
STEP 2: Place a variety of various single stems on top of the leaves.
STEP 3: Place another sprig of leaves down beneath the first and lay more stems on top sporadically.
STEP 4: Take floral wire and cut a nice long piece.
STEP 5: Wrap the floral wire tightly around the stems of the flowers and leaves you have arranged to secure them together. Try to hide the wire behind blooms and leaves as much as possible.
STEP 6: Repeat steps 2-5 until you have a garland in the length you desire. Be sure to keep variety between each bundle you create.

*For the last bundle I laid I placed the leaves and flowers in the opposite direction so that the end would be nice and full. Just be sure to hide and trim any stems that are sticking out behind other flowers and secure them all so they stay together.
STEP 7: Once all your flowers are in place and secured together you can wrap them in lights! Take your battery powered fairy lights and intertwine them amongst the blooms.
STEP 8: Lay them on the table of your choice.
Of course you can place your garland wherever you choose, but it makes for a great Easter dinner center piece! Or even for a wedding!
Gosh I love having fresh blooms in my house in any form! I want to make one of these every day!
Just be prepared for a lot of close ups... I couldn't even take how beautiful these flowers looked.
As you can see I was able to hide the wire behind the leaves pretty well, but even if it shows a bit it is green and blends pretty well.
If you need to use floral tape for extra security go for it, but I didn't find that I needed it.
Look at those sweet little lights gleaming through! You don't have to add lights, but they do make for a nice ambiance.I
Suggested materials:
  • Floral Wire   (Amazon)
  • Fairy Lights   (Amazon)
  • Leafy Foliage   (Whole Foods)
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  • Melody Warren Melody Warren on Sep 08, 2017
    Runner is beautiful, table is incredibly awesome! What did you use for legs on the table?

  • Beth W Beth W on Sep 08, 2017
    Do you do anything to the flowers and greenery to keep them from wilting. So pretty!

  • Bettina Bergren Bettina Bergren on Sep 09, 2017
    Would it work as well with artificial flowers, for those of us who can't afford or are too frugal to buy flowers that will die in a few days?

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  • DN DN on Sep 09, 2017

  • Sarge Sarge on Oct 30, 2017
    Flower arrangement is great...but I am overwhelmed with the "tree" table. I recently had a tree cut down and I have loads of it in my backyard for firewood. makes me want to get creative with it!