A Budget Friendly Beach Thanksgiving

Bethany P
by Bethany P
3 Hours

Halloween over and it's too early (for me) to decorate for Christmas, but I've got company coming before Thanksgiving, so what's a girl to do without breaking the bank?

Well, I've never been all that "traditional" and since moving to the beach, all sense of "tradition" has pretty much gone out the window, anyway....so I took a look at what I had laying around - did a little "clearance shopping" and came up with a tablescape that I'm pretty happy with!

First, I dug around in my reclaimed wood pile and came up with the scrappiest scraps I could find. I found a couple of long pieces and inspiration struck!

I built a frame that would serve as a "trough" down the center of my table.

I gave it a quick white wash, using some leftover paint I had hanging around.

While that was drying, I threw a couple yards of burlap into the washing machine with some fabric softener and headed out to Michael's to see what was leftover from the Halloween sales.

Score! I found this mother-load of fall flowers on sale for 80% off -- PLUS, I had a coupon (there's ALWAYS coupon!).

Since finding any faux pumpkins was a bust - I stopped by my local Publix on the way home and picked up some "shellacked" baby pumpkins and quickly went to work giving them a spray-paint job with some Krylon paint.

Meanwhile, the burlap was washed and dried and gave me this awesome fringe and the stink was gone!

I cut the size I needed for a table runner and tied off the fringe about every ten strings or so.

Then came the fun part! (who am I kidding - it's all fun!)

I placed my white-washed "trough" on my existing table platform and began the decorating process. Using green floral foam and some candle pedestals I created different heights for my pumpkins.

Next, I loaded the flowers in around my pumpkins to create a feast of a centerpiece! A few battery operated twinkle lights and some place settings and my non-traditional table was ready for company!

Not bad for an afternoon project and a small amount of cash.

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SHHHH! Don't tell anyone it was done on the fly and cheap!

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