Easter Bunny Craft in a Flower Pot #EasterPreview

Chances are you are gathering your flower pots to spring clean and get ready for the big plant of the year. Hold off on one and let's make a super cute Easter Bunny Craft utilizing one of your flower pots! You're going to love this
Gather up your supplies. A small terra cotta pot, some paint, felt, stuffing... You get the idea.
Step 1) Paint your terra cotta pot. I chose to use spray paint because of it's coverage and quick drying time. You may also use acrylic paint or other kid safe paint if desired.
Step 2) Spread out the wool roving into a small flat sheet.

Step 3) Placed a ball of poly-fil in the center and rolled it up to mimic the bum-bum of a bunny.

STEP 4) Place a bead of glue around the top inside rim of the pot.
Step 5) Stuff your bunny bum-bum in the pot and set it aside while you work on the feet.
Step 6) Make the pads for your bunnies feet. I didn't have pink felt so I used pink chalk on white felt and love the way it turned out! I would do it like this even if I did have pink felt. It gives it dimension I think.
Step 7) I then cut out 8 small teardrop shapes with the pink tinted felt.

Step 8) Cut 2 large teardrop shapes out of the brown felt for the bunny feet.

Step 9) Using glue, I attached the small pink tear-drop shapes to the larger brown pieces and voila...BUNNY FEET!
Step 10) Glue the felt feet to the front of the pot.

Step 11) Glue on the cotton ball tail. You can use a white pom pom but I like the more natural look of the cotton ball.

Step 12) You can also add felt feet to the bottom if you plan to put this pot on delicate furniture or just glue some of the extra felt onto the bottom of the pot.

Now you have it! The cutest little Easter Bunny Craft ever! I love the little bunny bum sticking out of the bright colored pot!

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  • Leslie Leslie on Mar 13, 2016
    This was a long time coming but I finally got the pics on. It wasn't easy, hope you enjoy the pics and thank you Diva for allowing me to put them on your post :) Click on the pictures to make them larger. I made this potted bunny quickly. There are flaws in it but I will solve those if I make more. 1.The body of the bunny was a core of professional salon nail cotton that comes in rope form you could use just regular cotton puffs. 2.The outside is upholstery batting so it is a little more stable. The sheet was thick so I pulled it apart. I think I could make pompoms out of the nail cotton and make a body out of the batting separately so there are a myriad of options, but if you use this method you will have to sew the batting into a body shape. 3.I used leather scraps for the ears and feet. 4.I had some vinyl so I used the opposite side of for the foot pads and could have used the black side for the eyes and nose but used a shape in some lace I had and cut it out and the backside again for the nose. I didn’t color the pads because this was for demo purposes. 5.For the front feet I just rolled up and shaped some of the upholstery batting and hot glued them on. An after thought was using the batting for the back feet and gluing the leather pad on, but when I take the bunny out of the pot I liked the way it sat so, that is another option. 6.The tail I just formed in the batting and did a running stitch around it to make it stay tail like. You can trim the tail if wanted to balance with the body shape. 7. The white tape on the card in my first picture I did not use for the opening handle that I described in my previous post. I saw that the bunny was sturdy enough to pull out of the pot without it. You would glue it from under the belly and between the legs so that the constant pull won’t destroy the bunny and keep it loose the rest of the way but I didn’t do this because I saw it was not necessary. This is another option. 8. Like the other suggestions you can glue flowers and grass to the sides of the inside rim so that when you lift the bunny you can put a tiny present inside or some candies :)

  • Leslie Leslie on Mar 14, 2016
    LOL yes, thank you Katrin :)