Group B Wins Coin Toss: Follow-Up Halloween Decorating (Part 1 of 4)

In my last post here on HT (@, I mostly discussed decorating indoors for Halloween, and, I introduced the cast of festive characters who are visiting my apartment for this October holiday, and who play a major part of the decor.

I ended that post by stating,"I'll see you soon here on HT with my (forthcoming) series of four posts on the antics of these characters as they occur (in my home)." If you have read that post, then you may recall that I stated that Mr. Moon-In-The-Man had appointed himself as master of ceremonies to help me with my task. A close-up of his welcoming face can be seen in the first image of this entry and the second image features him in my succulent garden, where he often stands to see the comings and goings of the characters who visit.

And if you please excuse my redundancy, the third image in today's post was featured in my HT entry on October 21, 2013. I've simply include it here for easy reference (image three) for the "story" I will be telling in today's posting.

The aforementioned picture features four groups of characters who will be roaming around in my succulent garden (which is in my kitchen) and in this image they are in a holding area within an armoire located in the main room of my studio apartment.
The groups are known as GROUP A (upper left), GROUP B (upper right), GROUP C (lower right) and GROUP D (lower left). Photographs of each specific group were also included in my 10-21-13 HT posting.

However I've also included the same photo-op (image four in today's post) of GROUP B again today, because they won the coin toss (held by Mr. Moon-In-The-Man) to see who would be the first group to head into my succulent garden!

But, before I take you there, I thought you might like to see close-ups of the details of these figurines in the event that you may want to include them in your decor, be it in an armoire (or cabinet), succulent garden, as well as anywhere else in your home.

The character who calls himself Lil' Robot (to the far left in the group shot) can be seen modeling his details in images five through eight.

Directly to the right of Lil' Robot is Mr.Owl and he struts his stuff in images nine through fifteen (he has more photo-ops than Lil' Robot due to the accessory he is carrying).
And to the immediate left of Mr. Owl, is the leader of GROUP B, Ms. Lipstick, whose photo-ops can be found in images sixteen through eighteen.

On Ms. Lipstick's immediate right is Mr. Plaid (seen in photographs nineteen through twenty-three), and, as is the case with Mr. Owl, there are a few "extra" photo-ops of Mr. Plaid due to the accessory he is carrying; to his right is Miss Pigtails (images twenty-four through twenty-seven).

Last, but not least, of the cast members of GROUP B, is the pot-bellied character known as Lil' Devil (lower right), seen in photos twenty-eight through thirty-two. This is the conclusion of the close-ups of GROUP B as they looked in my armoire before heading into the succulent garden, where they were immediately given a warm welcome by Mr. Moon-In-The-Man (image thirty-three).

And, much to everyone's surprise, Mr. Mummy stood near to the garden to say hello (he can be seen in image thirty-four).

Humpty Dumpty, who I mentioned in my HT post of 10-21 as being a permanent resident) was as in awe of Mr. Owl (to Humpty's right) as Mr. Owl was of him (as seen in image thirty-five)!

Mr. Plaid as per his standard was wide-eyed over being in my lush succulent garden (image thirty-six). The Lil' Devil was also wide-eyed, while his sister, Miss Pigtails seemed non-plussed by the experience (as evidenced in image thirty-seven).

But maybe I am being unfair to describe Miss Pigtails's reaction as "non-plussed," perhaps she was distracted by the antics of Ms. Lipstick and by her crush on Lil' Robot (all three are featured in image thirty-eight).

This brings me to the conclusion of part one (of four) for my indoor Halloween decor follow-up posts.

Meanwhile, GROUP A (seen in the upper left of images three and forty) has won the new coin toss, and they will be featured in part two of this series. At the moment, a witch (upper right in image thirty-nine, the last picture in this posting) is coaching them.
BTW, all the figurines are available at More & More Antiques. They can be reached at (212) 580-8404
A close-up of Mr. Moon-In-The-Man was introduced in prior posts by TLLG here on HT. He also was featured on Facebook @
Mr. Moon-In-The-Man enjoying some down time in my succulent garden before the Halloween visitors arrive. INFO on Mr. Moon-In-The-Man @
This image was initially featured here on HT 10-21-13 and is now included in one of my PINTEREST BOARDS @
This image was initially featured here on HT 10-21-13 and is now included in one of my PINTEREST BOARDS @
Lil' Robot (VIEW ONE)
Lil' Robot (VIEW TWO)
Lil' Robot (VIEW THREE)
Lil' Robot (VIEW FOUR)
Mr. Owl (VIEW ONE)
Mr. Owl (VIEW TWO)
Mr. Owl (VIEW SIX)
Ms. Lipstick (VIEW ONE)
Ms. Lipstick (VIEW TWO)
Ms. Lipstick (VIEW THREE)
Mr. Plaid (VIEW ONE)
Mr. Plaid (VIEW TWO)
Mr. Plaid (VIEW THREE)
Mr. Plaid (VIEW FIVE)
Miss Pigtails (VIEW ONE)
Miss Pigtails (VIEW TWO)
Miss Pigtails (VIEW THREE)
Miss Pigtails (VIEW FOUR)
Lil' Devil (VIEW ONE)
Lil' Devil (VIEW TWO)
Lil' Devil (VIEW THREE)
Lil' Devil (VIEW FOUR)
Lil' Devil (VIEW FIVE)
Mr. Moon-In-The-Man catches his breath just as the Halloween guests arrive. INFO on Mr. Moon-In-The-Man @
Mr. Mummy was featured on TLLG's FB Page in honor of National Pumpkin Day @
Humpty Dumpty my permanent resident was introduced on HT @
Prior to being featured in this post, Mr. Plaid appeared in a group photo-op that is now posted on PINTEREST @
Prior to being featured in this post, Miss Pigtails and her bro the Lil' Devil appeared in a group photo-op that is now posted on PINTEREST @
Prior to being featured in this post, Miss Pigtails, Lil'. Robot and Ms. Lipstick appeared in a group photo-op that is now posted on PINTEREST @
GROUP A (upper left) is being prepped for the journey (by their coach upper right) to the succulent garden. You may recognize from the third photo-op in this series.

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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