Halloween Party Table Decoration

As the end of the year is sneaking steadily around the corner, common festivals in the Western part of the world are on their way. Before Black Thursday (i.e. the Thanksgiving Day) officially opens the hand-in-hand rollercoaster of consumerism and religious traditions, which then lasts until New Year, we have a more relaxed but also lucrative festival – Halloween (derived from All Hallows’ Evening; hallow-saint).
Why are we keen on Halloween?
Celebrated in honor of old traditions of the Irish settlers in North America and the Christian All Saints’ Day, Halloween stopped being a simple traditional custom or a religious festival a long time ago and became a bit awkward, but amusing celebration enriched with strange costumes and spooky customs. The main role on this night is played by children, who take part in endlessly entertaining trick-or-treat neighborhood-roaming quests. Since families today do not have too many occasions for meal gatherings and that kind of strengthening the family relations, this is also an opportunity for parents to make a Halloween dinner/party before their kids dress up in witches, Twilight Saga characters, Gollums and other more or less odd characters and set off for a trick-and-treat mission around the block.
Pumpkins all over the place
It goes without saying that a carved pumpkin is one of the most famous symbols of Halloween. The great Jack-o’-Lantern has become a household name all over the world and not only in the USA, where it reached stardom. But let’s take a look at the good old pumpkin in a different way – as a fantastic material for a pie. A pumpkin pie could be a great introduction to fantastic Halloween. The greatest benefit is that such a Halloween dinner choice would make a great foundation for the Halloween candy feast that kids usually indulge in on that night. Serving a pumpkin pie for dinner will make your kids’ stomachs ready for all the apple bobbing and candy devouring that are going to take place on Halloween.
Colorful peppers as Jack-O’-Lantern’s kids
Making meals with your children can be a great fun for the whole family. You could suggest your children to reserve some time (two hours is optimal) to join you in the kitchen to make these stuffed peppers that will look like Jack-O’-Lantern’s kids. To make this funny meal, you will need several red or yellow peppers, a pound of minced beef (or pork) some ketchup and ten ounces of spaghetti. You have to cook the spaghetti and prepare the meat (in a pan or in the oven). In the meantime you should assign your children to carve out the peppers as they like it. That will make them entertain and have a nice time all together. After the spaghetti and the meat are ready, you should stuff the peppers with the meat and decorate them with the spaghetti so that it looks as if worms (played by the spaghetti) are coming out of the holes on the peppers.
Halloween dinner makes the whole family sit at the table and spend a quality family time together. Even better is when you all manage to take part in the dinner preparation process. Making family bonds stronger is vital for every family and the kitchen on Halloween is a perfect place for such an effort.

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