Stenciling Your New Year's Resolution

DIY Stenciled Entryways Are Beautiful and Functional
Welcome back, my DIY friends! We hope you had a fantastic holiday and a very happy new year's celebration. Did you make any resolutions this year? Come on, be honest, you can share them with us. If Cutting Edge Stencils had to take a guess, we'd say organizing your home might be on that list. Are we right? Between the holidays, winter break, and a new year's eve party that still has the neighbors talking, we completely agree that an organization overhaul is very much needed. Now if you're thinking, but "I don't have the space," or "I don't have the budget," then we want you to put those worries aside. We have some awesome stenciled entryway examples that are sure to inspire even if space is limited and budgets are tight. So go ahead and say it out loud because 2014 is the year that you're going to get organized! Let's take a look at what some of our DIY blogger friends have been doing...
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