Continued progress on the pond, pathway etc for daughters wedding

Exhausted! Still a lot of work and very little time but just wanted to update the pictures of our work!
I already moved that fern someplace else, obviously the plants that are out are JUST temporary to add color in the pic. They didn't help much! Planting this weekend. Giving the pond time to flow and have water checked before more
Plant is moved. Electrician will be out next week to fix up the electrical so you won't be seeing that ugly orange cord after that!
the gravel in the front of that is temp...plants will fill up the front pockets of the rocks here! Bridge will be built this coming weekend! WooHOO!
Through the pergola, down the steps, over the bridge...and then onward to the gazebo to say her vows...still so much finishing work that I can feel panic every waking second...and I don't sleep much!
Standing on the bridge shooting straight up...well what will be a bridge in a few more days!...
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  • Wendy B Wendy B on Oct 21, 2012
    I posted some pictures of the wedding and the yard...phew! It rained all day the day before and I thought we were in for trouble but Saturday...awesome! It was a beautiful day and wedding. I'd love to have posted more pictures but I was afraid they'd yell at me for posting too much on here! :)

  • Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls on Oct 21, 2012
    Hey Wendy glad to hear the Wedding went well. I'm sure you must have gotten a lot of compliments. Don't be bashful, post as many photos as you want here. Show us what more you did!