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3 Materials
3 Days
I am not sure how I even came up with making pumpkin pigs for my daughter-in-laws baby shower 3 years ago, but here it is. I hope you enjoy the pictures and how I did this. Katie loves pigs so that helped in coming up with this.
Pig centerpiece, take home gifts & agenda
My son and his wife did not want to know the gender of their baby to be. This made coming up with a theme difficult. The colors I used on the pigs matched the crib blanket pattern & the colors they planned to use in the nursery.
Pumpkin Pigs
On each table I typed up the agenda of the shower and framed them, the guest loved this. I bought dollar store water bottles, which had home made wrapped pumpkin shaped cookies a pen that matched the invitation I had printed & mailed out. I also made chocolate covered pretzel, which were wrapped.

Here is the list of the games we played;

1. Baby Bingo

2. Guess the weight of the baby. I mailed lottery tickets to the winners.

3. Guess the measurement of "Mommy to be" belly size.

4. Guess how many baby diapers were used in the three layer diaper cake, I had made. Sorry I do not have pictures of all of these things in my new phone to show you.

5. I made a basket of baby items they would need, and had the guest guess the cost of the products in the basket & cost of the basket.

6. Under one coffee cup was a sticker, the winner got the pig centerpiece. The shower was early October. Baby was due in November. Due to complications our little grand daughter was delivered early on my birthday, 3+ weeks early

7. Each guest was asked to bring one children's book. I had a reading corner basket to display the books.

To make the pigs see steps below;

1. Get small real pumpkins

2. Paint them white with outdoor craft paint.

side note one of the stems fell off, to seal the leaking fluid I brushed Elmer's glue where the stem was to seal it. That worked well.

3. I bought wood egg holders in the craft store for the nose.

4. Pipe cleaners curled around a pencil for the tail.

5. Small wood pieces for the legs were glued on & painted brown.

6. I used a round foam brush to dot the pigs with the selected colors.

7. The ears were felt I cut out, then used glue put them over the outside of shot glasses till dry, then peeled off and glued to pigs with hot glue gun.

8. Little eyes were glued on their faces.
Suggested materials:
  • See above for the material,   (Farm for the pumpkins, wood pieces at the craft store)
  • I would say all the project took me three days, making the take home gifts and making table signs et
  • Side note, my sister in law had to make a decorated pumpkin for work. She got the centerpiece and wo
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  • Jodi Jodi on Oct 07, 2016

  • Oh my gosh! I love your post! My neice just announced her pregnancy and now I am in full blown baby mode! Thanks for such great ideas! I know a bunch will be coming in handy. For baby showers I always get a piggy bank for the new baby. Want to start the little ones off right! I also give a nice crib blanket and a story book. Thanks again!