A Large Dog Feeding Center

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A dog feeder for large dogs with a back splash to keep the food off the walls. All kinds of materials can be used to build this.
I actually designed the feeder for my daughters big dogs. They have 5 of them and the area was always bowls everywhere. I had a specific area to put it in so I had to fit in five bowls. Figured the best way was a sort of half moon pattern. I liked the first old wood top better but the guy who cut it for me didn't follow my measurements right and he recut it. This is how it turned out. Perfect height for large dogs. The dogs knew it was theirs. They love it. I eventually painted it and sealed it to match the girls kitchen.
Painted and sealed. The dogs were so happy when I brought it back in the house.
This works perfect. I couldn't find a feeder online that would work. So I designed this and had a local woodworker build it per my measurements.
Suggested materials:
  • My creative skills and design ability.   (Local woodworker)
  • Spray paint and sealant.   (Local building store.)
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