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Now you can buy a leash, you can customize it once you buy it from a store with accessories, etc. but I was looking for a very specific aesthetic so I decided to DIY it. I always say sharing is caring so make sure to leave comments down below of what you'd do different, what you'd add, take away, etc.
Gather your materials: these are the basics of what you'll need for the leash - your choice of rope, thinner rope, swivel eye bolt snap, scissors and E6000.
If you want to add a pop of color, feel free to dye it or do whatever you think looks rad to your leash prior to putting it together.
I did a dip dye method on my leash to give it an ombre effect.
Once you've let that sit and dry, make a loop at each end of the rope. One should be larger for your handle and one is going to be smaller for the hook.
You can use metal clamps here but E6000 is my best friend so I added that to where the loops were to secure it for a little before wrapping it up.
I add the bolt snap and then glued that smaller loop shut. I used weights to keep it pushed together to let the glue dry a bit.
Now you can simply tie a knot and wrap some rope around but I didn't like how bumpy it looked. I am not sure what this knot is called so please comment it down below but I've used it for macrame projects before. You take your thinner rope and make a little loop like this! Leaving some excess rope up top and ensuring your loop that you made with your thinner rope is a little longer at the bottom because you'll need space when you end it.
Wrap the thinner rope to cover that loop where you glued it together. Once you get the bottom, you take the end strand and feed it through that loop.
Pull the excess string on top to tighten it...
Cut the excess off!
Repeat that to your other handle.
I didn't like the white thinner rope on my blue so I dip dyed it once more then set my dye after to ensure it won't come off on my hands when I'm walking my baby girl.
Not everyone needs to DIY a leash but I am one of the few that wanted to! Hope you enjoyed, can't wait to hear about how you'll DIY your's for your furry friend!
Full tutorial up on my YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe and follow along on Instagram to keep up with my latest projects. Love you guys!
Suggested materials:
  • Rope   (Hardware store)
  • E6000   (Get it from anywhere really!)
  • Scissors   (Around the house)
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