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If you're anything like me, going into a pet store to buy a fish can be a trying experience. As an animal lover I can never leave with just one! That being said, I always prepare for a multi purchase. Especially when it comes to buying beautiful beta fish! It breaks my heart, to see them kept in such small cups. Some barley alive, so when I buy I make sure I'm set up at home for at least 3-4 fish. I buy large bowls at a thrift store my mother owns, she has a great eye for fish bowls and sets them aside for me! I set up the bowls two days before bringing the new fish home, so the water is room temperature. I also clean and add my rock/plants at this time. When decorating the area for my fish bowls, I like to go with a very natural beachy theme! It just seems to be the most fitting, especially for fish. My fish are always kept out of direct sunlight, when possible! If not the curtains are closed when the sun is shining on their bowls. Sun will increase algae and water temperature. When buying beta it's good to buy a variety of foods as well, they can be picky eaters.
in this picture there are a multitude of different sized fish bowls. I added drift wood, some seaglass and shells. I also love how the wood from my antique mirror and cabinet, adds another level to this natural look.
I also added two large air plants to a beautiful piece of driftwood. Air plants don't need soil, so you can just spray them with water or submerge in water once a week. This gives the fish privacy and adds beauty to the bowl!
Here is another fish I have in my living room. I used an old umbrella holder, flipped it upside down and the bowl fit perfectly! Just goes to show how you can be resourceful.
Here is another way to display your beautiful babies, remember to close the curtains when the sun is shining directly in.

Suggested materials:

  • Fish bowls   (Thrift store)
  • Rocks   (Petsmart)
  • Fake plants   (Petsmart)
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