Dollar Store Flower Pot Spring Gnome

6 Materials
15 Minutes

I love doing crafts! I hope you do too. Here is a simple Dollar Store Spring decoration it is easy and inexpensive. This can be a great craft with the kids or grandkids for our Easter celebration. I was thinking of making one for each person place setting at the table.

Let see what you think!

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What you’ll need:


mini flower pots




wood bead

glue gun and sticks

filler rocks/ rice fibber fill what ever you have on hand

I filled my sock with mini rocks and a little fiber fill

Once you filled tie it off

Like this

Next glue on fur and fold over sock like this

put the flower pot over that

Next add glue to your wood ball I used 1” wood balls the add to the edge of pot and fur

Now add some hot glue to the top of Fastened Wood ball and tuck under the pot

Just hold for a minute this will keep the pot on the front

Then turn around and add glue to sock and push under to keep the pot back on

Now you should have a cute flower pot gnome! 😉

Glue on your Embellishments using flowers leaves babies breath however you’d like to decorate your flower pot

I just add glue to Secure it

look at this fun spring flower pot gnome great for a spring vignette or cute shelf or maybe like me as my place card table settings for Easter dinner I may even add a stick or tag with each person‘s name on it

This looks great on my side table I did a tutorial on make sure to check out that easy diy. What do you think fun easy project or are gnomes over done? Also check out the YouTube channel on this easy project at Gilbert Marketplace.

Some fun ideas painted or not still a fun craft

Suggested materials:
  • Fur   (Socks)
  • Paint   (1” wood ball)
  • Mini terra-cotta flower pot   (Artificial flowers)
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