Pallet Snowman

6 Materials
2 Hours

It's still winter, so the snowman is great for the front porch. Here's how I made it: I drew a pattern from newsprint, layed five pallet wood slats together, and traced it using a marker.

Using my jigsaw, each piece was cut out individually.

Soon the entire outline of the snowman was cut out. You'll notice I was careful to lay the pattern down so the nails were out of the way of the saw blade.

I used wood glue to glue the edges together and screwed slats into the back to stabilize it.

The hat brim also was screwed in for stabilizing. The next step was paint. I used outdoor house paint in white and craft paint for the details. I distressed the edges of the hat with sandpaper. When the paint was dry, I sprayed the entire snowman with Krylon clear spray.

I added a strip of burlap for a scarf and the snowman was done.

Since we just had a snowstorm, I think he'll be around for a few more weeks...and this snowman won't melt!

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Suggested materials:
  • Pallet wood
  • Jigsaw
  • Marker
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