Snow Families

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6 Hours
What to do with old downspouts? Snow families of course.
I had some downspouts from a neighbor and since Christmas is coming I thought why not make some snow families.
First, I had my husband cut them with his trusty reciprocating saw at various lengths. In order to attach them to my wood rounds I set the “people” on the round and marked where I wanted to position them.
Next, I attached a small piece of scrap wood inside each spout to have something to connect to from the bottom. Then I drilled up from the bottom of the wood round to secure each “family member” in their place.
Here is a picture of how I took a screw and drilled through the spout into the scrap wood.
I added faces to my families.
I gathers socks, fleece, cording, string and pom poms to make their hats and scarves. There are many ways to do this but I chose to use what I had.
I went outside and gathered cones and moss to glue to the base of the familes and voila, there you have it!
Suggested materials:
  • Downspouts   (Free from a neighbor)
  • Wood rounds   (On our property)
  • Cones and moss   (On our property)
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