Dollar Tree Jute Wreath 4.0 -Football Shaped Wreath-FINALLY!

by GeorgiaBulldogsFan
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Well, for the past 2 years I have continued to look HIGH and LOW for the elusive Dollar Tree football shaped wreath forms. I never found them in any Dollar Tree store within 100 miles from my home! I was determined NOT to buy from sellers on eBay who were charging $10.00 for ONE of the same wreath forms! They had sold out on DT online too. I noticed a few months ago that they were back in stock online. So, I finally “bit the bullet” and ordered some from Dollar Tree online. Had to buy 24 forms but with tax and shipping it was only $38.88. Yes, I have 24 of them but I only paid $1.62 per form TOTAL. But, as long as my hands and fingers hold out, family members and friends will be receiving one at Christmas or before. But don’t tell them, it’s a SECRET! The narrowness of these forms at both ends have really tried my patience! I “tried” to start weaving the form in my regular way. This proved to be impossible because of the thickness of the rope.I removed the rope from the form. So this was FIRST DOWN with no advancement of the football! For those of you who are not football fans, that is a football analogy.

I then began to use just one ply of the 4 ply rope to weave the form. Unfortunately, it began to unravel. I did several rows of weaving but just didn’t like the way it was looking. I took all the weaving off the wreath form again. Yes, here came SECOND DOWN! Still getting nowhere! Determined that this wreath was NOT going to get the better of me, I decided to divide the 4 ply rope into two 2 ply rope pieces. To keep them from unraveling, I used a small piece of Dollar Tree masking tape and wrapped both ends. This is how the rope pieces look.

Well, I started weaving the rope and quickly noticed the rope was sliding UP toward the center of the form where the wires had more space between them. After several rows were woven, I realized this was not working. 🤯 The weaving was not staying in place! Yep, you guessed it, THIRD DOWN! By this time, I was getting worried that I would never get this wreath done! I took all the rope off the form AGAIN and thought about things for a while. I had some pieces of remnant jute rope from other projects and started wrapping the ENTIRE form with it and securing it with hot glue. This was how it looked.

It was now time to start weaving the rope yet AGAIN. I figured the friction between the rope on the wreath form and the woven rope it should keep the rope from moving. I began weaving by holding about 4 inches of rope. Then I began weaving from the outside rim going over it , then under the next wire, then over, then under. With the second row, I started pulling the beginning piece of rope and enclosing it underneath the wreath. This is like you cover the beginning thread with cross stitching. I kept pulling the weaving as close as it would go. This was to cover as much of the wire as possible. You will have to occasionally let the rope unwind. It tends to get twisted too tight. TIP: I began at the narrow end of the ball and worked toward the center both ways. You can refer to my first wreath done in this fashion. It is listed as “Dollar Tree Jute Wreath.” This is how it looks underneath.

This is the completely woven wreath form. Finally, I could see a glimmer of light in the tunnel. Now the fun part, to decorate.

I have LOTS of Georgia Bulldogs stuff I can use for my wreaths. I found this piece that I had done years ago with sequins and felt so I decided to use it for the first wreath. I prefer this logo of UGA, pronounced “uh-ga” than the one they are using now. UGA is the mascot for the University of Georgia for those who aren’t Georgia fans. Anyway, I hot glued this piece onto the wreath and used some white felt for the stripes and lacing on the football. I added pieces of woven shoe laces onto the felt to give it texture. I fashioned a bow from red and black Buffalo ribbon I had here at home. Used a short remnant of jute to make a hanger for the wreath. And, finally, finally, finally, no FOURTH DOWN. I scored a TOUCHDOWN! My first completed football wreath! I am a happy GEORGIABULLDOGSFAN!! I will be adding more ideas of how to decorate for Georgia Bulldogs only. I’m sure you fans of other football teams can add your own twist to your wreath. FYI. It probably will NOT take you 3 days to complete this project. I put that amount of time down below because of my ups and downs with getting MY wreath done to suit me.

Currently we Georgia Bulldogs fans are REALLY pumped that our DAWGS have played so well! In case you didn’t know (and probably don’t care), Georgia defeated Clemson University 10-3 in week one of football season and last Saturday defeated University of Alabama Birmingham 56-7. Our winning streak may not last but we will still love our team. GO DAWGS!! Let me know what you think. Would love for you Hometalkers to check out my other projects and see what I have done with more unusual items.

Suggested materials:
  • Football wreath form   (Dollar Tree online store)
  • 9 packs Jute rope, split in half   (Dollar Tree store)
  • Buffalo check ribbon   (Had at home)
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