Teacup Wreath

Chris Kugler
by Chris Kugler
3 Materials
2 Days

Elegant wreath made of a circle of teacups.

Don't you just love tea cups?

I had been looking for instructions on how to make a wreath with teacups. There were pictures on Pinterest but no details. finally I just plunged in and figured it out. It takes a few days for the drying time but the actual project is quick

Start with a metal base
Love E6000!

I laid the cups in a circle on the base moving them until they were perfectly arranged. Do not try this with hot glue. It won't work. I used E6000 but epoxy will work too.

Close up look

Glue each cup into the next. Let it dry 24 hours. Then carefully turn it over and add more glue in the areas the metal touches the cups. Dry 24 hours. Be very cautious when picking it up. If it flops around add more glue.

Final project

Suggested materials:
  • Base $3-5 dollars   (Michaels)
  • E6000 about $6   (Michaels)
  • Teacups from your collection or enjoy shopping antique stores   (Various)
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