How to Make Christmas Angels With Old Handkerchiefs

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Today, I'm going to show you how to make handkerchief angels.

I was on vacation two weeks ago in Peru to meet my mom, and my sisters and my aunt were visiting Lima as well. We had such fabulous family time.

Now back home, I am organizing all the presents I got from my family there, and one of them is a bag full of old and antique handkerchiefs that I got from my aunt. These are such nice presents and I have so many ideas about what to do with them.

I hope you like this super simple but cute handkerchief angel ornament idea to start warming up for Christmas.

Handkerchief angel

This is one of the angels we will do today.

Handkerchief angel ornament

This is another one

How to make handkerchief angels

I tried to match the colors from each handkerchief and the angels 🥰

Angels made from handkerchiefs

and this is another one.

Handkerchief angel craft

I think this is my favorite, not sure yet :)

Tools and materials for the DIY craft

Tools and materials

Here you see the materials you need. Only old handkerchiefs, angel faces, wire, any kind of charms or pearls or whatever decoration you have at hand, and hot glue.

How to make vintage handkerchief angels
Vintage handkerchief angels
DIY handkerchief angels
Adding hot glue to the handkerchief

1. Add glue to the handkerchief

Start by putting a drop of hot glue in the center of the handkerchief (inside) so it remains a bit closed.

Handkerchief with hot glue applied

After adding glue in the middle, it should fall like this.

Gluing the angel face to the front

2. Add the angel face

Now, add a bit of glue in front and glue the angel face.

Making handkerchief angels

So it looks like this.

Making a hole using a needle

3. Make a hole

Make a hole using a needle.

Threading the wire through the hole

4. Thread the wire

Pass the wire.

Decorating the handkerchief angels

5. Decorate

Add decoration, charms, buttons, pearls; whatever you want and have at hand.

Handkerchief angel instructions

Angel from handkerchief
Handkerchief angel tutorial
Vintage handkerchief christmas tree angel ornament
Handkerchief angel with gold wire

Use wire in gold color or any other nice color.

Decorate handkerchief angel

Add buttons, pearls or whatever you want to give the angel the final touch.

DIY handkerchief angels on a Christmas tree
DIY handkerchief angel ornaments

DIY handkerchief angel ornaments

I hope you liked this idea and let me know your feedback in the comments below.

And don‘t forget to follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.

Love from Switzerland


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Suggested materials:
  • Handkerchiefs, angel paper faces, hot glue, pearls   (
  • Pearls, charms
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