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Looking for an easy four candles Advent decor idea? In the mood for making a modern Advent wreath with a twist? You’ll love how easy and fun this year’s DIY Advent Candle Holder idea is.

One of the traditions that I really love about the Christmas season, is starting off my decorations with a bit of Advent decor. I have created four candle centerpieces, Advent wreaths, and simple displays that helped the countdown to Christmas. There is something soothing in this Christmas Advent tradition. Lighting an extra candle each week and letting that little light be the reminder of how quickly time is passing and how close the new year is already.

This year's Advent decoration came a bit like an afterthought. I kind of had already started with my Christmas crafting and little decorations had crept in here and there. But it just didn’t feel right, something was missing. I was missing something. So I came up with a quick and easy way to make an Advent decoration.

Rummaging through my stash of decorating knick-knacks I came across a small stack of white metal buckets. I bought them some time ago for a long-forgotten project that never came to a realization. I grabbed four buckets and put my thinking cap on of how I could use them.

They definitely needed a little something something……

And a little something they got.

With an ordinary permanent marker, I decorated my simple white pots into a modern-looking black & white set of decorated buckets. As you can see for yourself my designs were exquisitely simple but effective.

Four different designs that share a common theme make a nice personal and unique collection (that is far from perfectly executed and nevertheless quite pretty).

I filled the little buckets with clay granules. Because:

A) they form a counterweight for the candle,

B) I can nestle the candle in there easily,

C) I can keep them moist which is good for the moss that I am putting on top,

D) I had them on hand.

Sand or soil would have worked too……

Next step: add moss. I bought a little container of fresh moss at the garden center and used that to cover the buckets and the granules. I tried adding some decorations like mini Christmas ornaments. But removed them again for a simpler look.

Simple is good.

I like simple.

(like my super easy fresh and live Christmas table decorations, that you can make too!)

Now for the most important question of the day. What do I use for numbers in my Advent Candle Holder?

Improvising on the go here…..

I forever had these number paperclips in my stash. At first, I thought of using a bit of baker's twine and hanging them on the candles. But that might turn into an unsafe situation quickly (I plan on actually burning those candles….).

So then I thought ‘make a little plant marker with the numbers, maybe with a popsicle stick’. Except I didn’t have any popsicle sticks.

Improvising here, people….

What I did have, was a stack of wooden spoons, leftover from some party. I cut off the spoon handle, stuck it into the bucket, attached the paperclip

and voilà

my advent candle holder DIY was ready!

To give the whole arrangement a little extra oomph, I decided to put all my little pots together on a white platter (an old one from Ikea) and add a simple green wreath to that.

I used some faux greenery, a simple metal ring and some florist wire to attach the greenery to the wreath form.

Luck had it that the white tray had a punched pattern on the edge that was perfect to attach the wreath to the tray.

So simple to make.

So fun to look at.

So meaningful to light the first candle.

For more four candle Advent ideas go see this collection of homemade Advent wreaths (and other decorations).

What do you think of my Advent candle holder with wreath? Like my idea? Do you even know and/or follow the tradition of the four candles of Advent?

Suggested materials:
  • White pots   (craft store)
  • Permanent marker   (craft store)
  • Popsicle sticks   (craft store)
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