Pallet Christmas Tree

Took an old beat up pallet that had been sitting out back of boyfriends parents house. As you can see my son was busy at work cutting the pieces needed. Great project for your children to get involved in with you!
You will need a total of 7 pieces cut for the tree, one for the trunk and 3 for the base.
Tree limb measurements 19.5, 17, 14.5, 12, 9.5, 7, 4.5. The trunk to your tree goes based on your taste and desire. Mine was cut at 3 ft. The base or stand to your tree is 3 pieces 2 pieces that are 3.5 and one piece at 10 inches. Lol these measurements are all in inches in case you were wondering.
Paint all pieces to your tree. Again whatever suits your decor or taste. Let them dry over night. After they are fully dried place your tree limbs spaced however you would like and screw them to the trunk. I suggest to use 2 screws per limb. The base is a little tricky to assemble. The directions I had seen said something about carving holes 2 in each 3.5 piece to be able to screw on each side of the 10 in piece. Me I ised this high tech hot clue and its held it together.
This is the finishing product. I added a star to the top of mine using my circutachine and vinyl. Thinking of adding some more vinyl stencils on the other limbs with some more holiday cheer? Again this is your creation and what you like so have fun with it like we have!
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  • Wendy Elias Wendy Elias on Nov 25, 2015
    I absolutely LOVE that you didn't drill with the "Kreg jig" that the other gal used. I'm so happy for her that she can use that tool or that her hubby is handy, but neither my hubby nor I have that tool and know how to use it! Lol! So... You just used a hot glue gun and it stands alone and holds the weight of the rest of tree? What do think about using E6000? I don't know what to do. I don't know how to use that jiggy thingy and I REALLY want to make this as it may be our only tree. I'm so grateful I learned how ti use a circular saw this summer! :0) Is there anybody out there that can help me?

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  • Tiffany Lemire Tiffany Lemire on Dec 01, 2014
    So my boyfriend decided that my tree was very cute but needed a little spice to its life! So I took his suggestion and added 2 sets of multi led twinkle lights, one set of small gold Christmas balls and some jingle bells cause I have a million and 1 of them. Never have I been a fan of multi colored lights but I will say that they fit the tree perfect! 🎄

  • Tiffany Lemire Tiffany Lemire on Dec 01, 2014
    Here they are! I must say he has good taste!