Repurposed Folding Ruler Christmas Tree

I love making Christmas trees out of almost anything, and every Christmas I like to make new junk trees out of repurposed things.
To put together this folding ruler Christmas tree I just needed a few things.
I found some small pink glass ornaments for $1 just this week, and they're the perfect size for this little tree.
In my world pink and natural burlap are made for each other so I rooted through my stash to find burlap that I thrifted a while back for $1.
I marked the burlap, around the tree frame with a sharpie.
Then I cut about 1/2" inside the sharpie lines, and attached the burlap to the back of the ruler with painter' s tape.
You can use whatever tape you have on hand, or even a glue gun if you like, but I wanted this to be temporary. After Christmas I can easily take this apart and repurpose the ruler in another way if I like.
I needed some very small hangers so I separated some regular staples with pliers.
I bent one end of a staple to hold the ornament. Then I poked the other end through the burlap and bent it down on the back of the burlap so it would hang nicely and not fall off.
Like this.
From a distance you can barely see the staples because they're so thin
For the star I used a vintage cookie cutter.
I glued a pink rhinestone into the middle of a vintage silver light reflector and put it inside the cookie cutter using double sided tape.
Then I needed something to use for the tree trunk. I sat for a while and thought and thought, but couldn't come up with anything that was suitable for the look I was going for.
So I started looking through my stashes, which is what I do whenever I'm stumped, and lo and behold I found this vintage spiral egg beater. Perfect!
I just hung it on the chicken wire behind the tree using a wire ornament hanger. The tree and cookie cutter are hanging the same way.

Tuula - Color Me Thrifty
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