This Easy Mirror Wall DIY Hack Uses Cheap Mirrors From IKEA

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Today I want to share a mirror wall DIY. Industrial mirrors can make your space look a lot bigger, so they are excellent for small rooms. This is a very easy, cheap, and fun DIY to do, so let’s dive in.

Tools and materials:

  • IKEA LOTS mirrors
  • Wood sticks
  • Spray paint
  • Silicon
  • Silicon gun
  • Hand saw
  • Leveler

1. Measure the wall

Clear the entire wall of anything you have hanging on it. Measure your wall and do the calculations of how many LOTS mirrors to order.

Sticking tape to the back of the mirror

2. Stick the mirrors on the walls

The LOTS mirrors come with rectangular stickers of double tape. Place two of them on the back of the mirror, one on each side.

Sticking the IKEA mirrors on the wall

Using one of the sticks as your base, place the mirrors on the wall. Make sure to leave space for the wood in between the mirrors. In order to do that simply and without making unnecessary measurements, just place the second stick vertically between the mirrors each time you stick a new one on the wall. You can break the stick to make it more convenient to use.

How to make a DIY industrial mirror wall

For the second row, use a piece of the same double tape to secure a stick on the wall horizontally, to mark the space between the first and second row. Once you are done with the first mirror of the second row, you can move the stick to the side to continue.

Industrial mirror wall made using IKEA mirrors

Just continue to make as many rows as you find suitable. I recommend going to the very ceiling as it will create a visual illusion of a higher ceiling. Use your knee to keep mirrors in place when needed.

Measuring the sticks to go between the mirrors

3. Prepare the sticks

We are done with the mirrors! The next step is to chop the wood sticks as needed. Place the sticks vertically first, and then place the rest horizontally right on top. Mark where you need to cut them.

Cutting the stick with a saw

Chop the sticks! You may use a jigsaw or a handsaw for this.

Spray-painting the sticks black

Spray paint all the sticks. You could also leave them in their natural color, but I think it looks more industrial. I am painting mine black.

Fixing the sticks between the mirrors

4. Place the sticks on the wall

Fix the sticks on the wall in between the mirrors using silicone. Start with the long vertical sticks. Make sure to put silicone on the gaps on the wall, not on the sticks themselves - that way it will be much less messy.

Put the silicone inside, put in the stick, press on it, and repeat between all the mirrors. Make sure to also get the sticks on the outside, to create a sort of frame.

Filling the gaps with the black sticks

Fill the horizontal gaps in with the shorter sticks, using the same technique.

Wall before

Finished mirror wall DIY

Mirror wall DIY

This is it! Let’s see the before and after. My room looks so much more spacious now, as well as brighter and taller. Have fun installing your own industrial mirror wall and let me know how it goes in the comments!

Suggested materials:
  • IKEA LOTS mirrors
  • Wood sticks   (
  • Spray paint   (
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  • Shuganne Shuganne on Jan 14, 2023

    What are the dimensions of the sticks? Did you measure the room to place the mirrors centered evenly on the wall? What if you have a small gap at the ceiling or adjoining walls, i.e., less than the measurement of a full mirror? Did you leave the gap? Did you cut the mirrors to fill the entire wall?

  • Sue Wilson Ford Sue Wilson Ford on Jan 14, 2023

    How did you work around electric outlets and wall switches?

  • Lori Ward-Laatsch Lori Ward-Laatsch on Feb 21, 2023

    Love love love it!

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