25 Dollar Store Items Worth Buying

Dollar stores can have a stigma of having cheap, not-worth-it items. Some may never even step foot into one because it's not "worth their money." Well, I remember when we first were married, we had adopted a soldier overseas. We had contacted him and asked him what he would like in a care package. Many of the items I knew I could get at the dollar store. Not that I was trying to go "cheap," but they were candy items and simple things that could be bought AT a dollar store. Each time we sent a package, I made a trip to the dollar store to see what goodies I could find and all we kept hearing was how much he loved them!You can't find every thing at a dollar store; though, you can find a lot! Granted there are some things I personally would not buy at a dollar store and there are certain things that actually are not a good deal. On the other hand, I still enjoy making trips to the dollar store once or twice a year to stock up on the things that I know I cannot get a better deal on.I decided to make a list of the items that I feel are worth while buying at the thrift store - items that will save you dollars and save you the grief of knowing you spent too much on an item at your local grocery store!25 Dollar Store Items Worth Buying:1. Candy - looking to make a dessert with candy? Check out to see what is in stock!2. Tape3. Wrapping paper - I have learned you have to catch it at the right time because they don't always restock right away.4. Tissue paper - unbeatable!5. Party supplies - invites, thank yous, plates, glasses, silverware, etc.6. Kitchen utensils - believe it or not, they are worth it!7. Coupon organizers - if you can't find a cheap one in the store, try the dollar store!8. Scrubbers - for dishes and cleaning9. Dust clothes - the micro-fiber clothes are SO worth paying a buck for!10. Gift bags11. Toilet bowl cleaner12. Dish soap13. Greeting cards - why pay 2 or 3 dollars for something the person is going to throw away?14. Tin foil, plastic wrap15. Food tins (disposable)16. Picture frames - you can always repurpose them!17. Food containers and bowls18. Garbage cans19. Organizing containers - they have the same-size bins at dollar stores as they do department stores!20. Coloring books21. Shaving cream22. Hair twisties23. Cotton swabs24. Seasonal décor and candy25. Seasonings

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  • Michele Michele on Jun 20, 2016
    Reading glasses... You can afford to keep a pair in every room in the house!!!

  • Jan Wittcheck Jan Wittcheck on Aug 27, 2016
    Dollar Tree is the best, some name brands and EVERYTHING is a dollar. I was even surprised to see my cats favorite treats there. Score...

    • Roberta Roberta on Feb 28, 2017
      plus you can still use coupons at the dollar tree.