Aging Fake Hydrangea

by Angela

I picked up an old, old Dr. bag at an estate sale recently and had a vision of filling it with cream colored dried hydrangea. Well, living in South Texas does not afford me the luxury of growing big hydrangea bushes so I had to settle for fake.

Aging Fake Hydrangea

This doctor bag is old, dusty, dirty and very, very used.......absolutely PERFECT!

The only fake hydrangea I could find that was remotely close to cream was white!

It just wasn't right so I started to think of how I could "age" the flowers and this is what I came up with!

Leftover coffee from that morning!!!

I poured the coffee in a large soup bowl......

I cut off all the stems from my fake bush and dipped the stems into the coffee, covering the pedals well.

Sometimes I just left the pedal head submerged in the coffee for a few minutes. Then I laid the coffee stained pedals on a paper towel to dry. I did this process approx. 3-4 times.

You can see the difference! What I love most is the coffee settled in the tips of the individual pedals and gave them that "aged" look I was going for!

After adding them to the dr. bag with a silver candlestick and an old book along with some irish linen, my look was complete!

I put together this vignette and am so happy with the results. I know it's still August but this will create a wonderful fall/halloween vignette. You can see more on the blog!

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