Bath Counter Organizer on the Cheap!

Ever spend your lunch hour poring over Pinterest and finding there is a gaping hole in your life and you absolutely positively can't live any longer unless you fill it with an item? I was obsessed with vintage-y countertop tiered organizers but could not find the $$$ in my budget so I made my own.
Finished on the counter delightfulness
Trust me, I shopped on line and found some options but everything was over my budget. Wanted to run to Home Goods or some similar store but with 7 year old triplet daughters, shopping in highly breakable zones is so outside of my comfort zone. Therefore, this counter contraption is totally from Goodwill and eBay and I slapped it together over a weekend.
This is the put it together pre-glue mock up!
This is my construction phase. Hard to make it sound complicated, but what I did was take a mirrored vanity tray that is actually has a Lazy Susan base (yeah, baby, she spins!) I used E6000 glue to attach two different Goodwill candlesticks to build my tiers. One was a $.59 pewter and the other was a $.99 ceramic -- it was pink but I happened to have some black porch paint and white cabinet paint handy so I mixed it (the horrors!) and painted both of the sticks not sure of what results I would get. I thought about cutting off the ball feet on the top tray but got distracted and didn't do it. The hardest step was probably centering the sticks on each tray but to my own embarrassment, I just eyeballed it.
Make sure you are well ventilated with E6000.
Since we were going to be spinning this, I wanted something fancy pants on the top. I have a lot of odds and ends laying around but a Goodwill item did the trick. It's a glass vase I glued to the top.
I love my fancy pants vase!
I love my new organizer + it's holding up and spinning my daily potions like a dream.

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  • Ardale Ardale on May 10, 2017
    Just wanted to tell you love your cute organizer and especially your sense of humor! With triplets you need that quick wit and sense of humor to keep your sanity!  I have to ask why do you have paint brushes and a plastic scrapper in the baskets hanging on your wall in your bathroom. I thought I was the only one who used Bondo when applying my make-up each morning?  Thanks for sharing your wonderful organizer idea! Good Luck with your beautiful girls!


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