Leftover Ornament Tree

I was ready to toss these ornaments in the garbage they were at the bottom of a box with a tree form .
So here it is sorry about the poor lighting it's a cloudy day in NY I'm so done buying things for Christmas at this point I just want to use what I have . So with my glue gun round ornaments and a tree form I got busy .
Do you love it? Cost me $0 as you can see there are gaps between the ornaments I added small ornaments in the gaps but you could be so creative and add lights , ornaments I wax even thinking about adding fake snow on the edges .
I forgot to mention with the top red ornament I used a wire cutter and cut the top off then hot glued it to the top of the tree form . I also forgot to mention I hot glued the ornaments to the glue form and to each other as well .
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